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Artist: AZ
Album:  DJ Absolute - NY Stand UP!
Song:   Conspiracy
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[Intro, anonymous woman]
Hello and welcome to today's seminar entitled conspiracy theory
were the focus will be conspiracy itself
Today's special guest speaker is legendary lyricist AZ
ever since the country's inception their has been a hierarchy
where you have the inclusive and the exclusive
Today we're going to focus on the included and those of US that are excluded

Sky high gas prices, another housing unit being built right in rykers
They opportunists society don't like us, we like mutants
What happened to the dark ciphers, the loves lost 
Neighborhood street wars, scientists manipulating G-4's we not alone
Hurricanes, cyclones, bomb threats and suicide on the white stone
I palm techs, straight from the heart of the hood but understood I play my part
'til I part like I should but still good
Moved by the mines and the moors
the metamorphosis offered me optional doors, I wanted in
With the wild life wanted to blend, but then again
they got them satellites sucking us in, we being tracked
Too many got chips in they back, they blindfold me
And I'ma try and run that victory lap and find home
I was cursed with that ESP, I seen they whole plot before PS3 
So is it me or? majority wannabe be slaves?
They don't want to behave but they want to be saved
Praise the lord
Moving on they own accord, too content
to implement or sharpen they swords 
so all aboard
Bruised by the height of recession, hunger scares
and fears of the rising infections, I'm aware
Of the war going on in this world you can't escape from
We can run but we can't hide forever
It's deep, the system go the masses asleep
Given a man to rely on, he's supplieing deceit, putting chemicals in food we eat
Polluting the water it's called slaughter the sheep
We the meek
And money ain't worth what it's printed on
I'm posted at the spring store trying to put minutes on
They spying on the same line I'm trying to do business on
I guess they just implying what they learned from the Pentagon

[Anonymous voice]
Fuck that!
Get the fuck...outta here!
Brooklyn Brooklyn!
Queens and all that know what I'm sayin!
The Boogie Down....
We in the heights right now!!!
What up cali-for-ni-A
Cant forget Chi-Town
Jmad Jimmy Kendrix
Niggas For Life nigga
And we out