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Artist: AZ
Album:  Doe or Die 2
Song:   Feel My Pain
Typed by: A Righteous
(The way I put them words together, they want something new, So lets get re-acquainted)
Time to re-up had to recycle the flow (you fronting like this was a thing of the past) 
Switched hustles, been killing 'em ever since
Here to tell the truth, y'all it only makes sense
(Verse 1)
This ain't just rap, its about connects
Y'all crabs can trap-talk, this about respect
Im a mixture of Matula & Malcolm X
Young Rick the Ruler, my mouths a mess
My lil' homie home, he on house arrest
Trying tell homie be grown, this is about success
The streets been sewn, we've seen a thousand deaths
So many nuts bust, I rarely get aroused for sex
Trying do leers at the clear, lounge on decks
Amongst those who couldn't care whats around my neck
Tented specs, BBM'n or sending them texts
Linen fresh, either we sinning or blending in with execs 
Nigga I'm blessed, puffed blunts with Big in the flesh
Knew the Nas in '95 with the bridge address
Live what I rep, I'm real, no identity theft
My will, is like a prisoner appealing a stretch…its ill
Recreation, my reputation, can bring the gangs together from separation, so
No doe, no explanation, blow
Get low, my expectations, glow
O-G, G-O-D, & I don't know near nigga that can Debo me
(Verse 2)
Reminisce, Venomous, this is limitless
Started from the Genesis, schooled on what business is
Touch-down, scrimmages, targeting ya nemesis, bargaining ya innocence
Finding out ya friends ain't shit
Let me finish shit, few niggas benefit
New niggas tend to sit, assent to the penance
Cam style, I know now what Killa meant
No resemblance, moving off my inner strength
Superb pen-man-ship, heard that my Pen was sick
Never impotent wonder where my niggas went
Die hard, still on point even when I'm bent
Fly cars, louie scarfs, everything is mint
2-10, new in charge, ima bring suspense
Wired Ice, Blue Shapar, y'all ain't seen me since
The young god took a charge for them 2 attempts, in my defense, I'm due to vent
(Verse 3)
Rap convo, black & ????, glass condo, relaxed in the don mode
Both arms fold, feet up on the console
Fucking bum-hoes, skeeting on your cornrows 
My boy Alonso, beat another homio (homicide) 
Let the don flow, I'm trying get LeBron's doe
Head honcho, howard or Milan clothes
How them horns blow, will make a nigga mambo
White bronco, address beef pronto
Breast meat combo, don't be a john doe
Still calm though, O-G at the trial when that hit Busy Bee in '03
Low-key, Livewire, flow B... 5th gear mode, it can rip earlobes
Sip rose, think quick on my tip-toes
+Life's a Bitch+, and a chick chose