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Artist: AZ
Album:  Decade 1994-2004
Song:   Hold No Grudge
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[AZ talking]
This is vintage
Allow me to vent
Street of course, gangsta because its necessary
Homie to homie

United we stand, divided we fall
Once divided, both got excited to ball
Plans on living major, no intentions to fall
And if indicted, guess the judge would be lynching us all
From breadcrumbs we made a loaf, it made us close
Champagne toast, our glasses to the game in our oath
But its funny, so many stories go untold
Until faced with incarceration and shit unfold
Was we ever friends or was we just chasing the win?
So many niggaz wanting paper just to make it and spend
Purchase jewels, get a whip, lace it with rims
Guess greed's the state of mind, must escape in the wind
Like so many plots, guns played a part in our feuds
For the fact nobody got shot, shit was excused
Guess its all the game we go through in life sometimes
Win or lose, you pay dues in this life of crime
Made for thugs in the world of sex, money and drugs
Love is love, but live niggaz hold no grudge

[someone talking]
What up son? We was gully from day one
If we had drama, both'll bust our gun
Feds came with 848's, it wasn't hard to find K-1
I was the pure mastermind of organized crime

I touched more than the average nigga's touched in this game
How many niggaz fucked stewardesses up in a plane?
Lived the best of worlds till the shit went foul
From rich to being fucked up and wondering how
Was it the, negativity all in my midst?
Getting sick of all the cars, bitches all on my dick
Guess that there was the living that burned me out
From the hoes, clothes and money rolls that turned me out
Paperchase, saw the whole shit explode in my face
Young hustler, with good intentions going to waste
Is the road that we all take, thinking its right?
Hypnotized by all the bright neon lights in the night
Fascinated by the pretty things and growing wealth
Can saturate the mindstate and make you go for self
Made for thugs in the world of sex, money and drugs
Love is love, but live niggaz hold no grudge

[someone talking]
Y'all niggaz trying to shine
Back in the day, we was before our time
We had more determination on our mind
Than all the big niggaz in the Fed joint combined
Y'all need to wake and get this money

Was it all a dream? Sometimes I sit and I laugh
Was it for the cream we sit there, subtracting the math
Reminscing how we had it smashed, chopped it in half
First Lex coupe kitted, niggaz copped it and crashed
Moving fast, still kept the cops on our ass
Thank God for the radars on top of the dash
What a life, scrambling nights
Was it right, or was we just hustlers caught in the hype?
Poor or rich, I suggest niggaz never to flip
Its cheddar to get, today we get whatever and split
So till death do us, from O.D.-ing with the Tech shooters
To Lex Lugers in this game full of late doers
Made for thugs in this world of sex, money and drugs
Love is love, but live niggaz hold no grudge

[someone talking]
I know the game is y'all fix
Rule number one, anything can happen in the mix
Real niggaz don't lie and real niggaz don't die
They get eye to eye and meet each other halfway across the sky
Thats why we stand like we stand, talk like we talk, bop like we bop
Jump in the motherfucking Maybach, and hop like we hop
Know'm sayin? We been doing this shit since British Walkers
Lees with the sown-in crease, ten thousand dollar Jesus piece
Rooftop of V.I.P., fondling Patrice
Whose that, whoever the champagne kings meet
Now y'all niggaz into rap and don't know how to act
Talking like y'all retarded, y'all niggaz wasn't getting G packs
You know about the real acts?
Metro, Scorpio, Socker T...
{*begins to fade out*}