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Artist: AZ
Album:  A.W.O.L.
Song:   City of Gods
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Gon' let it ride out
This what the world been missin right here
Best kept secret

[Chorus: AZ]
We all evolved from the city of Gods, we all evolved from the city of Gods
We all evolved from the city of Gods, staf Allah, just give me the nod
Get dough, get low, live life, get nice, rock ice, buy cars, buy bikes
Take trips, live rich, eat good, get dipped, stay hood, stack chips, that's it

Sex cars clothes money and murder, from soldier to server
Hood hoppin, hopin the merger rockin
My own pops got me open on bonus, no option
Had a heart problem, copin with murmurs the doctrine
No Cochran, winnin since niggaz was woppin
Way when Rakim was knockin
Streets was what it was when, thugs was thugs and
Gun wars galore goin slug for slug and
Jewels drugs and all, niggaz love is love
With the crew wall to wall, I'll be bugged above
So beef war, this way too deep to sleep
Niggaz keep up, cause certified killers creep
Stole this lady I, drove her crazy
You ask me why cause her man tried to play me
So V low quickly and, you better hit me while
I'm lettin this pretty chick get with me
Steppin with double-oh-seven better make it snappy
No time to do your hair baby, brothers is bustin at me
Blunts and bottles passed, but none on target
They want the God hit, but watch how lah get
Low as Saddam and his pawns so unharmed I'm unarmed
Though I'm calm I could yawn sing a song
I'm the don king of dons King Kong could bring it on
Word is bond

[Chorus] - second half, repeated 2X

Of course to the kid that cut dope and, never got nauseous
Cooked coke on the comeback, never took losses
With one rap got rich off a "Life's a Bitch" chorus
That Jigga shit, nine-six, sittin with bosses
"Dead Presidents" see, represents we are
all as one, the call has come to Gods
"Street's Disciple" discrete, but it be's just like you
Never off beat, stay in heat {?}
Spiteful, no religion, no facelifts no small incisions
No cases pendin though I got dawgs in prison
Reckless livin though, rest is like the Mets in them extra innings
Hope niggaz respect my dealings if not
Hope not then I, catch no feelings
When you start hearin niggaz left, stressed in buildings
Cold killings old villains now surface seein
In yo' vicinities enemies circlin to sin
Praise I, unfold the untold like +De La+
No +Soul+ since 12 summers old stayed high
Weed conniseur, then rocked designer du'jours
Arman-ah, my persona was raw
No flaws it's federal fucker the cells is tapped
No calls from a double due been to hell and back
So know yours cause I could never just, sell you raps
This is my life laid on wax

[Chorus] - second half, repeated 2X

[Chorus] - first half

We all evolved from the city of Gods, we all evolved from the city of Gods
We all evolved from the city of Gods, give me the nod and I'ma catch me a charge

[Chorus] - second half, repeated 2X {*fades out*}