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Artist: Azealia Banks
Album:  No Problems (S)
Song:   No Problems
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

She like my new talk
My new style, my new walk
This new whore
Open her mouth and I'll bruise jaws
Like ooooh awe, really like
Who her I'm a true star, this butch broad got blue balls
Hard pressed cause I took off, I'm farm fresh from New York
It's like because these wanna be's wanna be buzzed
Angels need Jesus, angles, features
Live show, PR then maybe baby, you could be us
That New York, That nuiance, that new star
That... that ah
212 to that blue blood, beautiful in my own hood
Up the hill It's all good, up the bills
I been born too, You're from fuckin' where, who are you?
Bad queen is my pedigree, bad bitch is my legacy
You mad bitch, you average, a rap bitch I'm rackin'
Stackin', money makin' Manhattan, mama cakin' that cash in
You ask them or ask him, I get it in
Harlemite citizen
You sloppy dyke, you wanna lick a bitch
You probably bite, I ain't about it bitch
You not my type, I need a hotter bitch
From New York with it, born and bred to get it
A home grown widditch, - I flip 'em and hit that spinach
Ooooooh y'all bitches and greatin' em with that fiddith (5th)
Ooh y'all bitches they leavin' you with that

[Chorus x4]
No problems,no problems
Yea, y'all don't want no problems
No problems,no problems
Y'all bitches don't want no problems

What's workin' girls
I'm a boss bitch
Got foreigners in my office
I'm clearly on, you a off switch
This sick charm, I'm gorgeous
Like really though, you a corn bitch
One wish movin' on
It's a warning, be honest
Your garm is to be garbage
Top drag, she lack class
Poof Poof be gone bitch
We own this, she came here
We own this, I claim here
It's my home pit,top pit
That chocolate banks baby deposit
AB Bout that profit not gossip
This that, stars to the hollywood red carpet,better get back
All these bitches wanna know how she get that
Don't ask for the price, let me get that
You a man with ya' dick back
You a sam with a slick back
You a ham in the pig shack
You was aim for the kit kat
Little bam hunned' grand is a champion chit chat
Stylin' in something you see not in vogue
Diamonds is shining they frigid , they froze
Wildin' I'm stuntin' I'm spendin' that dough
And when I step in them bitches they know
Them bitches they know
Diamonds is shinnin' these frigid, they froze
Wildin' I'm stuntin' I'm spendin' that dough
And when I step in, them bitches they know
And when I step in, them bitches they know