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Artist: Azealia Banks
Album:  Fantasea (Mixtape)
Song:   Ima Read
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I'm a take that bitch to college
I'm a give that bitch some knowledge
Understand that your bitch top novice
Just clap your hands
Let me get my dollars
Smell the trees in the breeze, in the breeze
I'm a weed, I'm a weed, I'm a weed
I'm a dance, I'm a Kiki Ki
In fact
Your man's gonna meet, meet me
Little G, Little G, Little G
I'm a hand you a free CD
Take a chance if you see me be
Click clack the engine I rip the fee
Betcha bleed, betcha bleed, betcha bleed
Nigga we, nigga we, nigga we
'Nother reason to be sneaky
Whip up your plan, bout ya checky, checks
I'm a- I'm a-
I'm a- That bitch
I'm a- I'm a- I'm a read
I'm a read, I'm a read, I'm a read