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Artist: Azealia Banks
Album:  Broke With Expensive Taste
Song:   Idle Delilah
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Idlest Delilah
Darling, do ya like beige in your coffee? Tea? A wild-?
Wild breeze on a day, a dawn
Oft' indeed a child, smiles at me cause I'm made of yarn
Dolly, me? Am I? I'll trade a dollar for ya dime, oh
Idlest Delilah
Trout and trees remind me of my
Darling 'D the Diver'
Diver D was a satyr: a
Father figurine
I made him run away with his stale lung
Folly me am I? Oh, Idol-less Delilah
Darling Miss Delilah
While you're wasting your days alone
All your friends are hired, all your friendships are fading
Don't try to cheat the dial, don't look the other way
It could play out wrong
Are you suicidal?
Are you in denial?
Idlest Delilah
While you're 'wake hear my latest song
Glad to see you smile
Glad to see you so stable
What's all of these divided by the pile of peas on the nape of your [?]
Dolly me am I? I'll trade a dollar for your dime
I'll take you


[Verse 2]
Slick snapper, Soul Clap on 3
Hi-hatter the dip-dapper pretty pat this "p"
Tip-tapper the chit-chatter, ready rap AB
Can't deal with the bullshit cause the crab ain't me
He took you to cruise ships, put a yacht on me
He said, "The puss deeper than the deep blue sea"
Indeed, the puss deeper than the three fugees
Loopy!, the Lucy, said she loses no winks!
Stay up in ya face beverage with ya ~ baby!
Applauded the favorite, so clap on 3
They loving the mixed flavors, lift ya pink and clink!
They loving the mixed flavors, lift ya pink and clink
Something to sip savor, made ya blink and think
Stay puffin the piff, paper-making-hits ain't cheap!
Yep, and I flew Jamaican Jake for dick and Ki
They loving the mixed flavors lift ya pink and clink
London to main state, I'm major, Miss AB
They fucking with young savior, make her rich and sweet
Loving ya luck lady, lick ya lip and wink

(It's that jam g, it's just flavors-
Rhythm and dance beat, so what up?
Lit that damn green and it's blazin-
Bitch, I'm stance, steez in the cut
Upton N-Y-C is famous, london fam
Please throw it up little bam-bi with the latest
Give her that stamp, g: put it up!)