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Artist: Azealia Banks
Album:  Broke With Expensive Taste
Song:   Ice Princess
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

You are now listening to AraabMUZIK

I'm so cold I'm dripping icicles
I go and take your man, that nigga might miss ya
Spent his whole commission on my neck and ear
To stand around me need to have your winter gear
Pay me coats and benzies it's that burg ice
That's why I do not feel these bitches frost bite
Grown money ever since they done I make my own money
You broke honey? And they call me BANKS cause I can loan money

Colder than December my diamonds on Anna Wintour
So that's fly ice in my life
I don't see no limits so I strive and I shine twice
I ride around and get it
Just missing for a minute that was only one thought, let me finish
Competition I'm a beat it so relentless
I'm a be legendary when I end this

They rise when I arrive in this
All hail the supreme ice princess
Tell the carriage hurry up and come and get me
Tell the haters in the wrong you can miss me
Hollywood you can go and A-list me
I like a shot of hard whiskey

I'm feelin it, I'm feeling a change
I'm feeling it, in the air
So let me in

Her motives is frozen, giving chill pills to them polars
Corrosive, the coldest, city is a tundra
They focus, no wonder
Fridgy princess come from cold cash and them ice chunks
Stone frost and my Celine pumps
Rolls-Royce no white ups colder than December
Diamonds on Anna Wintour these glaciers glamour and glisten
And arctic is like a blizzard, my jargon fuck you on frigid
Cool it down or get avalanched, igloo cold case and body
That ice cube up in the lobby bitch white fox
Peep the opulence, ice box the coolest confidence
Isis queen that icy witch, winter fresh in that whitey bitch
Shimmering Aphrodite, winter wonderland body so frosty in that bugati
Porcelain snowflake and pappi popsicle in your pocket
I'm polarizing your profits I freeze and flip em and rock it
Coco a la mode who frozen from head to toe ice grilling the status quo
Cold killer so now you know

I'm feelin it, I'm feeling a change
I'm feeling it, in the air
So let me in