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Artist: Azealia Banks
Album:  1991 EP
Song:   Van Vogue
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Azealia Banks]
Bang, pop, pop, this thin go pow
Dolce crop top, my play close down
Those Cˆ©line wedges are way downtown
Best dressed up, better, you best dressed down
Oh, it's me, fella, the banji gets out
All females fledge to bambi style
Light my wrist up, flexin blaow
Vamp me up, turn her down
Amp me up, sugar, it's like mm-ow
Got the good-good, the yum-yum, wow
Oh, it's so supple’Äîthe ass so round
Trust, there's no trouble, the kin go down
Bust your bitch bubble, where's my crown
Banks, flame hot, Rapunzel style
Bang, pop, pop, this thin go pow
Bang, pop, pop, this thin go pow
If she ain't know, the bitch know now
It's the one, miss, the cunt is out
Flip the scripts, so your bitch know styles
Did that first, but your bitch know now
Bang, pop, pop, this thin go pow
Bang, pop, pop, this thin go pow
If she ain't know, the bitch know now
If she ain't know, the bitch know now

[Chorus 1]
Boy (boy) don't fill yourself too much on her
Boy (boy), your friends will laugh at you now, now, now

[Azealia Banks]
In that, you been did that, you been with that
You been-been that, bitch
But they all forget you when I spin this shit
Better dance for this and get your skin wet, bitch
Champ in this, see me mingle dip
Makin plans to get your little bammer's dick
If she ain't legit you better send that witch
If the mens is rich, you better spend that chip
Better put that M-B, get that, get that banji
Bitch, you know you never lookin pretty princey
Pretty princey, pretty pretty princey
Bitches on the cover look at pretty AB
Pretty AB, pretty pretty AB
Damn, little bam, you could get it maybe
But these bitches always frontin like they in the A-Z
I'm just doin me but these bitches can't breathe

[Chorus 2: repeat 4X]
Hoes on 'em, haters on 'em
Hoochies on 'em, players on 'em
Vogues and escalators on 'em
Hoochies on 'em, flavors on' em

[Outro: repeat 2X]
Gonna sip that sip, and hit that dip
Damn little bam, you a real bad bitch
When I twist that hip, and lick that lip
Damn, where ya man when she look like this
The men that rich, the rich that rich
Vans on the Grand, better grip that grip
If you built like this, you built like this
Dance with it, dance for me