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Artist: Ayentee
Album:  Peasant Symphony
Song:   365:360
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[Verse 1]
You take a bus to work an hour and back, on top of that
you spend 8 at a place where they don't got your back
thats ten plus out of 24, that leaves 14
for cooking meals getting sleep and your daily routine
they say you've got to get exercise an hour a day
well half that 'cus you need a half an hour to pray
and don't date, oh thats another 8
tack it on, obligations in the new world and mad man's fate
a place where every tree is cut down, replaced
with habitation and then replanted out of the way
you've only got 60 years, maybe 80 if luck
finds you a member of the club, anyway listen up
thats about 22,000 days in a place
where 1 can make or break, or be waisted away
thats why I can't hate on some of these people, their ways
of life coincide with mine on particular days
and days pass and I don't pay attention gray
growing out of my scalp, keep my focus on May
when its June I got goals and I'll get to them soon
It's just I get comfortable and let it consume
It's just I get comfortable and let it consume......

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Its just life or something like it
365 days a 360 degree cylce of, love, work, lust, stress, curvin guts?
anger, hate, distraction, hapiness hold us

[Verse 2]
This is the age where its a new age every ten days
rap and advancedment out of control enhancement
a phase that we're not ready to face at all
but still stay for some reason we accept and embrace
this new way of dealing with things that are real until
one hemisphere of your brain gets peeled away
from the other half to insert the chip
in school facts so your words never pass your lips
but every gadget that will have you believe
you have to have it, isn't magic, it won't kill your disease
even though it looks a lot like progression, we human beings keep turning 360 degrees
just because we learn more about the universe
it doesn't mean we find meaning or more self worth
the stars can't tell us nothing that our hearts can
and no amount of technology can replace a man
the rats running the race forgot to pay attention
to the fact that they track was never built straight
so they turn and turn the end nears and they see
what I learned it seems the finish line's make believe, a dream