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Artist: Dan The Automator f/ Neph the Madman
Album:  A Much Better Tomorrow LP
Song:   Wiling
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Verse One: Neph The Madman

Forget your crew nigga there's no contest
The Hoodie Men we confresh and never less
I guess, if you want to test and try, oh why? Now, this nigga gotta die
Smoke, light L's engage in sex
Shorties with big breasts and round fat juicy asses
From the ghetto classes, you with them kicking niggas asses
We'll be in there with swimwear, who in there
The hoodie men we rock the spot
Who are you? You silly cuz we rocked your knot
So bo bo bo, cry nigga thought you knew
That the sucka MC's get the D from my crew


I'm wiling, the ism got me wiling
My shorty got me wiling, trapped up in the al insane asylum
I'm wiling, jiggy got me wiling
The forties got me wiling, trapped up in the al insane asylum
I'm wiling, cuz niggies got me wiling
The ghetto got me wiling, trapped up in the al insane asylum
I'm wiling, but Jackie got me wiling,
Drama got me wiling, trapped up in the al insane asylum

Verse Two: Neph

I gotta take the pain away, so I sit back relax and smoke the ism every day
Well men don't care, mad bills to pay
And a bunch of more ho's, brothers drinking alizay
Damn, I'm high again, yo my girl drives me crazy
Insane pain in my brain it don't amaze me
Hated by her parents, feeling transparent
Dammit, and in two weeks we'll have a baby
Why? I cry and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye filled with chocolate
Now I'm high, mama kicked me out, not fair
Niggas everywhere and other niggas just stare
Screw me, some might want to do me the uzi
Cocked, till the nextman front and you'll get rocked
Cuz I got a daughter now plus I'm homeless, so shit is out of order how?
Do you do, here comes the man of two
Fucked up but I hope I'm getting through to you
Life is a bitch, so we just stay high, hoodie men don't die we just multiply


Verse Three: Neph

Land and the area, damn we slam scarier I'm darin ya
You can bring your crew the more the merrier
America, do you know who we are? Hoodie Men we be are
Nasty nab be sent to be far, Allah, you better call that nigga right now
I'm ghost, and elephants around you on the ground
Who is he I don't know, just another John Doe
On the scene, his wife, oh no, Feds scream
Neph The Madman, yo I know that niggas M.O.
Causing def lyrical slug and a fucked up flow
Now you know, who's the motherfucker in town
You didn't know, your mothers my ho, you fucking glam tally-ho
Shout out to my crew, Hoodie Men we on niggas better believe I went for you
As soon, brothers on cell block 151, nigga know that the games have just begun