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Artist: Dan the Automator /f Kool Keith
Album:  A Much Better Tomorrow
Song:   King of New York
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[Talking voice]
Look, how am I gonna justify corruption to you?
It's always been here and it always will be
Well, I'm rappin' to you brothers proud baby..

[Kool Keith]
Cruisin' big time
Livin' the life like Big Joe
Willie swift the player, with my hype pornoshow
Like Goldie, the mack, laying honnies on their back
Clockin' gees a week, your fake pimps hear me speak
Ridin' low down, checkin' my watch like Frank Knitty
Police pressin' up, let me pay off the city
Controllin' your town like Sega do with the Genesis
Who is the fan? Scopin' pannies on the premises
Backstab, nevermind ?takin'? slap
Countin' my green, now tell me, where's the other half?
Don't try to comment, don't tell me how to run my stable
Plug your card, leave your fingers bleedin' on the table
No time for games, baby talkin' "help a brother"
Your style is platic, your girl talkin' rubber

4x I'm the king of New York!
   Runnin' out from big city

[Kool Keith]
You ran away from home, you ran away into my arms
Speak the ???, my lollipop here's a charm
You need a place to stay, what step up my way
I got your front ho, and everything on Lairway
You're my daughter now, the women have to call me daddy
The smith with big green, with clients on the white caddy
Like General Mills, total with the whole green
I'm in control,  passin' up your sad little brain
He made you cry before, he made you cry now
I mean steak, your ho eatin' chocolatecow
What's the matter? He made your heart splatter
He kept you on the down low, climbin' up the ladder
Pretty as you are, lookin' like a moviestar
Delicious, nutricious, don't wanna get vicious
I ain't no bloodhound, sniffin' on your heels
Some strung out junkie over you takin' pills
We can do this lady! Lucy give me a kiss
*kissing* I'm your man now

4x I'm the king of New York!
   Runnin' out from big city

[Kool Keith]
It took a mastermind to put together the operation
I started out recruiting at the Grey Hound busstation
Pushin' jewels, I'm still the man on 40 dews
Providin' support, champ like a big sport
Hangin' high, with no ID you can't verify
The biggest mack on the heels from the illest city
No shorts taken, tell Jim yo it's tuff titty
Call power rills to meet the only president
FBI watchers are tryin' scope ?????
I'm in my train of thought, I own supreme court
Standin' on the block, lickin' ????? for days
You work for me, competition for some premise
I'm in the rhyme, smoothin' groovin' down
I'm in the rhyme, smoothin' movin' down
Checkin' out my game, the feds know it's the same
I'm in court for only childsupport

4x I'm the king of New York!
   Runnin' out from big city

[Beat fades out with a guy talking]