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Artist: Audio Push
Album:  Truth Be Told (Mixtape)
Song:   Where Did We Go Wrong
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1: Oktane]
Yeah, look
I remember back in the days there were freestyle
Where MC's would rap until they could't off the top of the head
But now you tell somebody that [?] they probably wack
So all of my favorite rappers are retired today
I rembember back when dancing was cool
You could dance after school
Long as someone had a boombox uh
Grew up watchin' TV lookin' up in Shock G
And see one of his back up dances was 2Pac
Yeah Ju it was all good when Slick Rick did it
Yeah you can spit about anything if you was sick with it
If I'm not mistakin' you can party and you can bullshit
Uhhh, ain't that how Big said it? Keep listenning
[?] rapped about girls and you was all in love with it
Yo do it now but you get caught soft because of it
So truthely I think I'm kinda lost because
If you want hiphop back to the state when it was all authentic
Then you open up your iPod, let see what you like
Because I started rappin' crazy and I teamed up with Price
Cause I saw OutKast and I said "I need that life"
Hit-Boy told me when I was younger, I could be that nice
And If Andre can wear shoulder pants and do any kind of dance
Then why you so focused on the size of my pants
Specially when I'm spreakin' illin what I'm sayin' is true
I guess the only people that are gay here is you
The people who watch you win and they'll love you for it
And they tell you be yourself and they'll judge you for it
So I brought a lot of F-Words to give
And all I really wanted [?] if y'all gon let me live
Beause we went from nobody wanna hear from us
To hatin' on bettin' their careers on us
So while I introduce you, to something that you ain't used to
Price and Oktane and for the fans that's prayin' we stay the same

[Chorus: Price]
I won't change, so when I press play, all I can do is pray
I hope I'll see another day, I hope I'll see another day

Everytime [?] is same old song
Trynna be like you and you yeah where did we go wrong

[Verse 2: Price]
One time, look
Pops was in jail for 12 years I had to face that
So I'm using this pen and pad to replace that
I had to face it, reality had to taste it
I'm pouring Henny no chaser and I'm prayin' my livor makes it
Cause lately be feelin' like my pens [?]
Trynna tell 'em the real, they hearin' all wrong
Out here sellin' their souls for the luxury of vanity
A fan of me is probably something you didn't planned to be
But it happened (yeah it happened)
I got minded, I never force it I trustin' in God's timming
It's all [?] most of these rappers is lying
About the women they sexin' and all the cars that they drivin'
We all know that black Maybach, you rented that
Drove it out [?] once and you sented back
Just to see them girls shakin' it right
You [?] your realness [?] fakin' that life

[Chorus: Price]


[Outro: Price]
It feel so, it feel to smooth right there
Man I love this
But before you grab a tall glass of wine and get your step on
Just take, just take a brief second to just [?]
Audio Push, as we exit out of Truth Be Told
We wanna thank everyone of y'all for taking ya time to really listen
And really be a part of this experience that we call Truth Be Told
We feelin' like it's our greatest work this far
And we just wanna give glory to God man
BOW E.N.T, Hit Since 87
Rest In Peace Rowdy A
This was dedicated to you bro