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Artist: Audio Push
Album:  Truth Be Told (Mixtape)
Song:   Truth Be Told
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

This is what you ride to
Sit back and just vibe to
What you rock ya best fitted
And Jordan 5's to
This ain't what you used to
Or what you call a truce to
See this is what you sit back and
Just tell the truth to
So truth be told

I'm from this team named BOW
You prolly heard about
You most likely said
Some hateful words about
And that's cool
But we bout to make it gruesome
Cuz these legends keep on dying
I think we gon be the new ones
So yeah
You bout to hate us
I swear you bout to hate us
Cuz every girl you checking for
Is always tryna date us
And no, we're not the New Boyz
Please do not mistake us
And nah, that ain't a dis
But I mean listen
They just ain't us
This one for my phone
That I constantly be on
Telling my girl that don't
Believe me until she see me on TV
Or hear these songs
And yes, she was wrong
Cuz this is what I love to do
Look at me girl
We ON!!
I swear I told you
I told you, I told you
And if you ever hated boy
I promise I don't know you
And if I ever knew you
That would never mean I owe you
I told you we the niggas
And I promise Imma show you
I'm not a rookie
Not interested in freshment
I'm doing what I want
Got 'em second guessing they dressing
And Cash try and talk to me
Try and give me some gestures
But I know I got a gift
And it's time I show you my presence
So this
This is for all them bomb Whoas
That be at all them Kendrick and
Them dime shows
That's prolly here now
Rocking wit me
Never liked me
Now they love me
And they think my smile pretty
I promise to god
It's all a facade
To you popping
Boyfriends hate you
Cuz they know
They girl watching
But in this club a million times
When everybody was
But nobody cares
Until everybody does
So now that you you do
I pray you listen forever
You arrived a Lil late
But better late than never
Love it
You feel it?
You see it?
That's why I never say I'm really real
I just be it
I appreciate y'all coming to make history tonight
And the next nigga you about
To hear up on this mic
Is the only other nigga
That can give it this nice
I know him as Larry Jackson
But y'all can call him Price

One time look
Real rap
I'm giving y'all real raps
I made it out the hood and
Still a nigga feel trapped
All I hear is lies
Show me where the real at
I just tell the truth
And all the real niggas feel that
I can feel the pressure moving in
Now I'm at the top and they like
"Price, what you doing here?"
Don't be stressed, Baby
Don't be losing hair
Just live your life
Cuz it's too many nigga's losing theirs.
And since when did
a hustler ever sleep in?
And since when did
Snitching become a street trend?
And since when did
Doing a dance make you
Ineligible to rap?
Man I'm killing it
Till the beat ends
Better yet
Imma give y'all dudes a beat
Seeking until I'm sleeping
Y'all sleeping
But I ain't weeping
I'm creeping
To the top I'm reaching
Y'all speaking
But y'all ain't decent
Y'all better run to y'all deacon
Once them blood suckers leeching!
Imma tell 'em 'fall back'
Ain't no love for ya
Oh, you a fan of us, Baby?
I got a hug for ya
And to my brothers
Watching Crips
Shed blood for ya
If I got it, it's yours
I give my last dove for ya
I.E. yeah we looking the best
This world is just a class
You being put to the test
In these streets
I got stripes and I ain't hugging a ref
And to my brother double I
Boy, I love you to death
For real
I'm having a moment
A nigga is on it
And yes
I shatter opponents
As soon as I go in
I'm blessed
And you ain't touching my team
Homie, so why try?
B.O. Dubb
We out here head first
Raise your glass, man
I'm giving a toast
You always got that one Ex
That you're missing the most
But I ain't tripping
I'm chasing that Mike Jackson
'Beat It' dough
With that I.E. Toe
Bend see the flo
Shout out to my son
I teach him
Never to comp the haters
I got my family counting on me
like a calculator
But the pressure is cool
Cuz I'm going far
Just pour the brown and
Then I sit in my car

Cuz this what you ride to
Sit back and just vibe to
What you rock ya best fitted
And your Jordan 5's to
This ain't what you used to
Or what you call a truce to
See this is what you sit back and
You tell the truth to
So truth be