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Artist: Audio Push f/ K Roosevelt
Album:  Come As You Are (Mixtape)
Song:   I Like It
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I like it
Ooooh I like it
Ooooh I like it
I like this right there
Yea you know it

[Chorus - K. Roosevelt]
When I'm plotting in my ride
And you giving me the eye
Girl it's alright baby you ain't gotta hide now
Just tell a nigga oooh I like it

We can fall in love
But only for tonight
Anything goes you ain't gotta think twice now
Just tell a nigga oooh I like it

[Verse 1 - Pricetag]
Banging E-40 riding with my shorty
Got 7 rings on I feel like Robert Horry
I'm 22 my bank account look like I'm 40
Cause that paper mandatory
Play with that, that's another story
My ex is hater but she real cool with my people though
I told her cherish this cause they don't make em' like me no more
And girl you know what I came for
Legs in the air Liu Kang flow
Call that pussy the finish line
Tonight I'm gon' be Usain Bolt
Now told her load the TEC for the boy so I know it's real
Hit the set with the boy so I know it's real
Get it wet for the boy so I know it's real
I put it on you like no other girl you know the deal


[Verse 2 - Oktane]
Alright, tell me how you like it
Get it how you want it baby
The way u moving that body
I hit it til' the morning baby
I lay back if u got it
Arch it up and I'm a make u say
When I'm up inside it- bounce
Give it til' she can't take no more
Then tell her she can't stay no more
She ain't on my team, don't know my team
No jersey baby and I ain't no coach
You girl you're the 1
And I think I like you 2
And I'm leaving here by like 3
So if you all 4 it then cool
We'll go 5 rounds, bust 6 times
And by 7 AM I rest
You gon' love the way that I 8 that
And 9 time out of 10 it's the best
Just know I told u so when I kill it
It's our turn, the realest
Just don't catch that one STD called feelings
Cause you know that when I'm...


You know what I'm talking about
This shit feel like 1990 all over again
So listen
It's really just me and the homies
Come thru the house and hit
Bring your homegirl
Grab that cup
Pour that drink
Smoke something
We're gonna have a good time
It's like that

So you can run the streets with your bucks
I was waiting for you
To come and put it down like you do
'Cause ooh I like it
Oooh I like it