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Artist: Audio Push
Album:  Come As You Are (Mixtape)
Song:   Block Party
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Tear drops of you
Heartbreaks and flows and both got our ways
We both try to change it
And we both made mistakes
But you must have found a new savior
'Cause when you were in danger I was your red ranger
How we become strangers
Man this love shit is the strangest
Block party

Damn, feel is deep enough to drowning
And the homie still here, yeah we still smoking ounces
But all I can think about is you baby
All I can think about is you baby
Feels like I've been sitting still they had no visits
Do you still look out at the pictures, do you still feel misses
Do you still carry the bag I got you for Christmas?
It's the best I ever had, first night that I hit it
I was on some drunk shit, you was on some minute for the love shit
Talking on the home yes I'm granting on some stunt shit
Single in the city it's so hard be on them cope
When them girls come and go but they don't never really go
I mean they go, but I mean they hoe,
When I say that and that for sure,
You come meet me in the Sena, I keep touching on the low
I remember on forget I made the promise to your heart
I had to start if I could, but I'm a play this for the hood like