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Artist: ATL f/ Cassidy
Album:  The ATL Project
Song:   Shawty
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[Intro - Cassidy] (Mario Winans)
Yo!! (Yo! Yeah!) Haha!
I go by the name of Cassidy!
(It's another Mario Winans exclusive!)
ATL! (c'mon!)

[Verse - Cassidy]
Damn boo, you don't understand boo
I'm just fly, if I was your man boo
We could go to San Drew, by the sand boo
Blow 100 grand and get a tan too
Uh! I'm a mack girl, holla back girl
My stroke game put a pain in your back girl
I can't front, I be humping around
That's why these girls be hunting me down
I do me when I'm out, but they getting room keys
And you could get the key to the house
If you need it, I'm willing to help
Cause I'm almost feeling you as much as I'm feeling myself

[Verse - L-Rock]
Room is hot as hell
I hope that dress stoned out
Peel off of your body baby
You look so good, you wear it well
Ooh, cause underneath girl I can tell (it's our time baby)
Come on! Oh! Girl come here
There's no need to be afraid, of you feel, ooh shawty!

Ooh shawty, Good God Almighty look what we got here!
(Touching all over) And I like the way you feel!
Ooh shawty, don't hurt nobody look what we got here!
(Baby come closer) Cause I like the you feel!

[Verse - Tre]
The way your body move
I never seen before, it's so erotic baby yeah
She put me up on something new, heaven
She said "boy! let me do.. what I do"
Baby come on! Ooh! Baby come here
There's no need to be afraid of you feel, ohh! ohhhh shawty!


[Bridge - Tre]
When I see you, doing what you do
Your body's inviting me, telling me to
Pull you close and whisper in your ear
Ooh! keep it right there, don't you go no where!

[Verse - Danger]
It's too late to stop, I done felt you twice
You got the spot hot enough to melt my ice
Showing off merchandise, bet a 4-5-6 if you blow my dice
Handcuff me, read my rights, pat me down
Rough me up, whatever you like
And I hope that you doing it right
Like a +champ losing a fight+
I'm +coming out my belt+ tonight

[Chorus - repeat 2x]

[Outro - ATL] (Mario Winans)
You make me feel like (ATL!)
Like I got a winner (Cassidy!)
Don't you go no where (Yeah!)
Stay right here (This has been another 'Rio Winans production!)
You make me feel like (Get off y'all!)
Like I got a winner (Get off y'all!)
So don't you go no where (we out!!)
Stay right here, oh baby! I need ya baby!
Don't ya go no where, stay right here
I got to have a lady! come closer lady! hoooo-oh-oh-oh!