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Artist: Asher Roth f/ Lil Wayne
Album:  The Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2
Song:   Party Girl
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

My girl wants to
Party all the time
Party all the time, party all the time
My girl wants to
Party all the time
Party all the time, party all the time
My girl wants to

[Verse 1: Asher Roth]
My girl, she drinks and smokes
Then she goes to fashion shows
Forth and back, back and forth
Takes the... just like a pro
Try to keep on up with her but really why bother
Girl's a super hottie plus she parties way harder
Still looking great with no make-up on
Keep going strong 'til the break of dawn
Eighth to the face, take it straight no chase
When she stay to the pace ain't a damn thing wrong
Mother, sister, brother they insist on drinking water
But she's sipping on some liquor
Janice Dickinson had taught her well
Hammered, you can hardly tell
Stammered, but she hides it well
Hands up in the air and yells "party all the time!"
She dance around me in her thong
Sing along, favorite song
Rip a shot, hit the bong
Going all night long


[Verse 2: Asher Roth]
Sorry little barbie who can hardly take a sip
Yeah, my chick be drinking whiskey just to chase it with a kiss
Then she'll charge it to her card, whole bar, plus tip
Yeah for her and all her friends cause she never pays for shit
Kind of chick that you see on the TV, yeah
Real high heels and her cleavage, yeah Rolling up some homegrown asking
"Can we smoke some weed in here?"
Isn't like she needed it but got diamonds and pearls
And definitely ain't a lesbian but kisses other girls
Drives a car that isn't hers, keeps the keys up in her purse
Lipstick, red or pink, tell me which do you prefer?
Mini-skirts exotic furs wanna make the kitten purr
Try to go and buy a drink
But split before you finish yours cause she


[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]
My girl like other girls, how awesome is that?
I let my homies run a train right off of the track
She wasted, swallow, don't waste it
She just tell me to come, like invitations
Yeah, she on one, she drink, she smoke
A jump off, like a sinking boat
That I could overboard, I pray she sober, lord
But I can't picture that, with a Polaroid
And she look at her watch and say "it's party time!"
She say "here's to living life on the borderline"
I say "you go girl, but stop talking that shit"
Cause no matter what you say, you still a Young Money bitch, ah!