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Artist: A$AP Rocky f/ Overdoz
Album:  Long.Live.A$AP
Song:   Pain
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

Uhh, pain 
Uhh, pain
Uhh, pain

[Interlude: Kent]
So big you are, shining like the star
With your head in the clouds, somebody shoot you down
Hands on the ground, back against the wall
Tell me who you'd call when no one else around

[Chorus: repeat 4X]
It was a lights, camera, act-, light-lights, camera action
Lights, camera, action; lights, camera, action

[A$AP Rocky]
The future will be televised, haters getting genocide
23 and 43, I'm talking my Margiela size
My niggas is hella fly, you over accessorize
Dead alive, it's in my repertoire, forever ever high
I never lie, never tell a lie, I would testify
Set aside dreams, I'm a +King+ ask +Coretta Scott+
Cute faced, fat ass, and a nice set of thighs
Rihanna weave, I need a +Umbrella+, ella, ella, ah

Everybody knows me, shit, still ain't got no cash
Bitch, hit that flash quick, post my bad habits
Fuck you and your Instagram, match a gram
Royal blue folls, getting head in the red Lambo
Media take me out, TMZ all in the VIP
Bitch I'm hard in my new concrete, too much boss if you ask me
Almost fucked fame, but she came with money
I got two bad bitches, haters wanna take em from me


Tryin' to get on in this industry, acting like you're ruthy
Breaking down cocaine with the EBT, these male groupies doing it
However, whatever they seeing on the box
Everybody spit, everybody hot, everybody's an artist (everbody not)
S-O L-O-S-T, niggas talking dollars getting change
In a minute I'mma lose my cool, Sprewell one year before '98 like fuck coach, I'm cutthroat
So what goes; do you head for the year they say might be the end? 
...Better look within

[A$AP Rocky - chopped and screwed]
Glitz and the glamors, we pose for the cameras
Ghetto niggas with me, they pose with the hammers
Ghetto girls with me, pink toes in the sandals
No dirty laundry, get your nose out my hamper
Clothes in my hamper, that bathing ape camouflage
Brands from Japan, you would think I was a samurai
Drop-crotch Jeremy Scott pants, bitch it's Hammer Time
Getting dirty money but I keep my hand sanitized
{*regular voice*} Life is what you need, won't you take a z? Feel the breeze
Smoke the sour diese, hit that shit and please act at ease
What you wanna be like the Black Eyed Peas? All these 3's
S-T-A-R-S, that's Hollywood, won't you rest in peace?