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Artist: ASAP Rocky
Album:  LiveLoveA$AP
Song:   Roll One Up
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Let me know, know what's up
Before I roll, roll one up
Let me know, know what's up
Before I roll, roll one up
I been rollin up that reefer got me high (high)
I been rollin up that weed, it got me high (high)
I been rollin up sativa, got me high (high)
I been rollin all week, it got me high (high)

[ASAP Rocky]
Puff puff pass take a drag, just don't steam it though
Smokin on that captain kush this shit is unbelievable
My shit come from Mexico, yeah I got that green glow
Mama said leave weed alone, but I think I need it oh oh
Niggaz gettin throwed, oh oh
We blowin purple smoke, oh oh
The kush and purple haze, oh oh
We flyin paper planes
Cause I'm always talkin fly shit, fashion be the topic
That's why all these hoes wanna hop and jump on my dick
Then she looked at me and said how lower can yo' eyes get?
Lemme know who's trippin in, just before I cop it


[ASAP Rocky]
Rotation is like basketball, blunts is goin back and forth
Niggaz mixin hash and dro with cinnamon that's applesauce
Show dis what you askin for, liqour is my last resort
Steamin niggaz grab the torch, then puff puff pass it off
Uh and tell me what you think about it
I been gettin high I'm trynin to get a drink around it
Now my, high, is higher than it's ever been
(I'm so motherfuckin high) I think I might never land
They be talkin crazy but I been rollin hazies up
I been havin like a twenty forty then that eighty bucks
Man I come through get that Mercedes drunk and them ladies fuck
They already know we got them blunts and we blazin up