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Artist: ASAP Rocky f/ ASAP Twelvy, Lil Wayne *, Ty Nast
Album:  Deep Purple
Song:   Uptown
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

* Lil Wayne is not credited, he's just sampled prominently

Aiyyo S you crazy for this one!

[Chorus: Lil Wayne sample]
I'm so Uptown; and motherfucker if you ain't don't go Uptown yeah {*2X*}
Don't go Uptown {*8X*}

[ASAP Rocky]
(Uptown, Uptown) ASAP where my crew at
Swag so sick where the birds caught the flu at
All the hoes know me, no need to ask "Who dat?"
Or "Where the weed at?" My nigga, cause we do that
When pistol-poppin get it poppin niggaz better move that
Cause we get a Glock and with the stock and he ain't scared to shoot it like
4 Gs: blew that, G4: flew that
I'm the shit, you must admit, true that
I'm so Uptown
Niggaz know we get it from the low Uptown
Gold, got dro, got snow Uptown
Bitch-shook niggaz shouldn't go Uptown
We makin Manhattan, whip game proper
Them eyes might be the product of vodka
A-S-A-P, know I'm gon' prosper
Don't care, cause I'm only straight as my posture


[TY Nast]
Boom! Nigga, Nast in the house
Flow like a drug, pass it around
Fag you're in doubt, what you rappin about?
ASAP nigga, trash on the couch
Glass to the mouth, Patron in the system
Tool on the waist just in case I gotta fix 'em
Bullets like fiends just dyin to hit them
Nigga did I mention, swag house nigga
Get slapped in your shit if you bad mouth nigga
Left the Range in the garage I brought the Jag out, nigga
Nast be the shit that you brag about, nigga
I ain't even tryin to hear about your hereabouts, nigga
Weird-ass nigga, scared-ass nigga
I am done with this track, did you hear that, nigga?
Bein double Nast and I did rap nigga
Try to step on my throne? Bitch, this is my home


[ASAP Twelvy]
I'm a Uptown blood slime, balling's in my bloodline
Pants saggin real low, I'm runnin from the one time
Free Church Boy, yeah my nigga caught a gun crime
Mobbing on Lenox and I'm grindin 'til the sunrise
I'm really gettin dope boy, free my nigga Dough Boy
Catch me on Broadway, we got it for the low boy
And I got flow boy, in other words, hoes boy
Body after body yeah, you already know boy
I'm bumping old boy, classic Harlem shit
True religion, who you kiddin? Nigga started this
Young Twelve get it gang, got the hardest shit
Polo down to the socks, lookin marvelous
I'm from the home of the VS
I'm Grade on the West like I'm Gucci on the ES
Aura like GS, stepping out the GX
ASAP up, y'all niggaz kill me with the BS; PS