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Artist: A$AP Mob f/ A$AP Rocky, BJ The Chicago Kid, Buddy, Wiz Khalifa
Album:  Cozy Tapes, Vol. 1: Friends
Song:   Way Hii
Typed by: Cedmaster3K
[Intro/Interlude: A$AP Rocky]
Said she in love with cocaina, love to sniff it, my nig
Gave her drops of LSD and now she trippy, my nig
Told if she get with me, I'll live life different, my nig
I'm official, ya dig? Come get with me lil bitch
[Chorus One 2X: Buddy]
Way high, way high, way high
Way high, way high
Everyday we stay high, stay high, stay high
Stay high, stay high, stay high
[Chorus Two: BJ The Chicago Kid]
Gettin' hard to tell what the fuck am I on
Every verse I have, every hook is on
Plenty women round me with nothin' on
Bad bitches only thing into my arms
Floatin' as you rollin', smokin' on this potent
Baby say she want a line, I gave her purple potion
Now I'm 'bout to go in, got her body soakin'
Strokin' 'til the mornin', well I can't forget the Trojan
[Chorus One] + [Interlude]
[A$AP Rocky] + (Wiz Khalifa)
This is how it goes, niggas sleepy high, wake up stoned
Clique up with my bros, nigga hit my line with my phone
(hop in the whip and I roll)
(Gettin' these women, just givin' them dick, that's fo' sho')
(Niggas is talkin', we livin' it though)
Finna pull up in this bitch in my robe
Cozy Boyz sprinter on tour, fill it with hoes
(they don't want drama, they gon' get exposed)
(My new bitch don't model, we drink out the bottle
be so high you probably would think our eyes closed)
Yo Wiz man this shit finna go
she in love with the coke and I'm sippin' the fo'
Sniffin' lines off my dick, puttin' the tip of my dick in her nose
ohh (whoa, where did we go?)
(Got my own papers, I don't got to send you to the store)
Got a bitch who stash my weed and got another one to roll
(Got a bitch from Instagram who want to fuck me on the low)
First I slide up in them DMs then I slip into her throat
(we stick to the code)
[Chorus One] + [Chorus Two]