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Artist: Anotha Level
Album:  On Anotha Level
Song:   Just Feelin'
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[Verse One] [Stenge]
Well like the new school schooler there
Sorta kinda new to this
Got mad flow with a G-Funk twist
A flavor
That separates us from the rest
You know five kids from thaaaaa...
Before I freak the funk, it seems like I bothered ya
And now all your honey dips are pullin' on my Nautica
On your hands and knees bowin' down like a Buddhist
Okay, well maybe baby we can do this
Now or later
Hit me on my pager
You know there is a sky so why ask why?
I'm the short 5'6" but a giant in the mix
Call up my homie Ced Twice and my nigga Stix
So we can roll out
Sold out
Holdin' out on ends is not a clever endeavor
That's on the level, have you Running like a Rebel
From Vegas
So take this, job and shove it
Better get the tape so you can bump it in your club annnnd
Cause I'm the man that's solid as a rock
Cause I'm poppin' 
Like a glock
The hands of time
Time that I take while I'm bustin' my rhyme
But I gotta stop
Cause somebody dropped the dime

[Verse Two] [Ced Twice]
Our styles the phattest
Call me the baddest
Even white boys say, "Hey dude, you're the raddest."
Can you feel the funk, hidden in the mix?
Yeah, that's it
(How ya comin'?)
I'm comin' like this and
I guess you can call it, my rapper's intuition
Since the track is phat
I float right to it
Loose like liquid
Yes, I gets fluid
Range like a Ranger
Rove like a Rover
Yeah, the mellow smooth, yellow Casanova
I keep goin' on but with no commas
The House got more beats than Penny's momma
On Good Times, I flow smooth lines
Durin' High Times

I'm peelin' the blunt
So we can really feel the funk
Cause the more that it humps
The more our pockets lump
Sums of money
Always bring honeys
But we're called Anotha Level
Not called Anotha Dummy
This style is far from free
And Bam freaks the beat
So you can flow to this, even in between the sheets
I use my Peter more than Piper
I got the crowd hyper
And all my loyal swingers admire my attire
With my mad ass flows
Anything goes
And I'm knockin' out the foes the crushed their Tims on my toes
I release the funk like a terrified skunk
And it humps
Out your false gate ?
I got a hunch
That this is big
You got some punch?
So I can swig
I brother an oldie
But a goody I prefer
Not to say sip the proof is in the puddy
So finish feelin' fun so I can finish feelin' filly
Damn that shit is funkin'
And that's on the rilly