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Artist: Anotha Level
Album:  On Anotha Level
Song:   Fo Sho Shot
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[Verse One] [Ced Twice]
We meet at Stix house by six and then be out by eight
Trunkate the track, get the bar to bounce straight
Then we gots to gizzo
Back to the crizzo
Bambino forgot the big fat sacks of indo
Five young ballin', playa type fellas
The record stores sell us
The bomb is what they tell us
We are
Rhymes up to par, sho nuff it's on deck
Straight from L.A. and ain't claimin' no set
I'm here to make the people groove
Let the hoes choose
Drink a couple 22's
Roll through the crowd
Hear my name, loud
I'm lyrically endowed 
So let me think of something else to say
I'm not LL but I can roll a Cool J
Then pull and pass, to Stix, to Stones
To Stenge, to Bam, then back to me again
I got to keep it rollin'
No time for the tricks
The rap game is my lick
I'm comin' up on hits
18 years of age
Honeys come in rage
Throwin' panties upon the stage
Yeah, and I like it a lot
It's the 1994 fo sho shot

Fo sho. Yeah
Fo sho. Yeah

[Verse Two] [Stenge]
Well when we first started off it was all just for fun
But five niggas came together like Voltron
So I'm the left leg just kickin'
Got a gang of lyrics off the end no need for pickin'
Stickin', rhymes in and out just like a penis
So on Anotha Level so tell me have you seen this?
Cause I'm the upscale, high class, pay well, lay well
Funky individual
Rap styles original
Since a young fella
Hangin' with the Mella
Loungin' with the Leva
No you're neva neva neva neva neva gonna get it
Don't act astonished, you're not as
Great as the five comin' straight from the city of angels
Check the nasal
Don't get too close though, it might just daze ya
And oh
Leave your panties at the do'
In the 1-9-9-4 fo sho

Fo sho.
Fo sho.

[Verse Three] [Bambino]
Well it's the youngsta, amongst the
Level, the pack
With fat buddah sacks and freestyles that phat
The smooth macadamian 
Can't no hoe play me and
Remember when Stix and Stones was Mike and Damien
Ced and Stenge, let's roll up on some skins
On the scale, yeah I bail with the crew that can't fail
Tell a friend
They'll all come in
We'll meet at ten
(To do what?)
Well, what not is the question
Ya askin' the adolescent
With styles I'm finessin'
Fools guessin', second
Now that I'm wreckin'
We got the nick nack, not patty wack
We play the opposite
Props I get, hoes I get, my flow I pick to even this
And like Citrus Hill I got juice
Never tied down cause I always come loose
So if you can't find me
Then hit me on my box, it's the 1994 fo sho shot

Fo sho
It's fo sho
Fo sho
199 fo sho