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Artist: Anotha Level
Album:  On Anotha Level
Song:   Don't Fight It
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[Verse One] [Ced Twice]
Honeys don't front, I'm here for the skeez
Niggas who do hate me, bow down to your knees
You can't fight it, so don't fight it
Tell your man to scram and meet The Mellow at The Hyatt
Hotel, nah, I won't tell
You're a ten on the scale plus
You do me well
We'll keep it on the hush
I won't tell a soul
Just between us
Strictly down low
Chirp on my alarm unlocks The Landcruiser
Hit the liquor store so I can pick a couple brews up
Cruise up to the spot
And parlay
It seems like I've been waitin' all day
Strolled up in a man new Benz, I got your honey
Givin' me love plus herbs and ends
+Lyrics To Go+ like Tribe
Fall into the vibe

[Chorus] [x8]
Don't fight it
You can't fight it

[Verse Two] [Bambino]
I stay surrounded by friends my pockets fat from ends
Got a zone on deck so we can get gone and mic check
One two, one two
Is this thing on?
It's Bambino and I'm blown
What goes on?
Could it be, the adolescent bullshit king?
Yep, it's me, Epp Epp
I made ya swing so...SCHWING
Again, the five young ballin'
Honey's are hauled in and fellas "Yes Yes Y'all"in'
And now I know why these tricks act trippy
Cause I hit it like a hippy and get away like Pippy
So those that chose to chase will pay the price
Just be I'm niiiiiiiiice, don't mean that I'm nice
"Bam's such a playa."
That's what Epp's say though
Because I got my playtime theories than Plato/Playdough
So all my bros, hoes, foes and Average Joes
Don't fight it
Not your average flows

[Chorus] [x8]
Don't fight it
You can't fight it

[Verse Three] [Stenge]
Well it's the Stengey Man, the Stengey Man
I spins my rhymes in a frenzy and
You know I'm nice
With Bam and Twice
Look out!
Here comes the Stengey Man
Jumpin' into different type of con-
Keep it on movin' to the next
Acrobatical, skills spit my tongue
Keep a motherfucker sprung
With no foleys, bloops, bleeps or bloopers
Got more twists and dips than your average hoola hooper
I'm catching shit like super duper
Breakin' niggas down, pick 'em up with the pooper scooper
I'm comin' through like Super Trooper
+Rap Commando+ as smooth as Lando
Don't fight it like Riddick
Peace to all my critics
You can't fight it so get with it

[Chorus] [x16]
Don't fight it
You can't fight it