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Artist: Analog Brothers
Album:  Pimp to Eat
Song:   More Freaks
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Know what I need right now?
I need a bitch to suck my dick
And just leave and not say shit
Do what she supposed to do

Ice the Oscillator, nextel motorolla, skypager
12 gauger, pimp ya bitch out major
Fade ya while you're budded I'm flooded IC Pov-aid out
You're rhyme's played out, your wife stayed out
Fuckin duckin niggaz like me the P-I-M-P, Ice the T
Smack your bitch until the motherfuckin year 2G
History's been written half my fuckin shits been biten
So I reintroduce another loop in the noose
There's more freak to fuck, but I ain't fuckin no more
I make a high-class bitch, into a low price hoe
Really doe, oscillation is whore up instration art of war
Baby strap it on and hit that nigga raw
Let him know, you's a freak but he's a fuckin hoe
Then report to a pimp, hit my pager, triple-O
Don't lose your flow, meet me in the Denny's, in the back row
Eatin grand slams bitch like I give a damn, mo' freaks

Second thought, what I really need right now
Is a bitch to come over here and let me go up
In her motherfuckin asshole, raw dog style, yeah
Bust nuts all on her butt cheeks

Now we switch the penal code, mo freakmode
Super semen unload, and run that bitch-ass like bar codes
Now we switch the penal code, mo freakmode
Super semen unload, and run that bitch-ass like bar codes

"Y'all niggaz ain't shit, fuck you niggaz, analog brothers, fuck y'all"

(Kool Keith)
Maxin in the splash jacuzzi analog man with bathrobes
Sniffin 8 grams a coke up my nose
With Calvin Klein boxer shorts, watchin wide world of sports
With no remorse
Usin Ivory soap in the back of the century club
Jerkin off mode slash naked service
Watchin G strings at one of the Minnesota Twins birthday party
Why should I run hardy with a female with a wig combed back
Ejactulatin 112, while I pull 3 packs of condoms off the shelf
With my finger stuck up in the girls butt
That look like Mary J. pretty ass hole
On a tour bus, followin Dru Hill
With some fine bitches takin birth control pills
Room in the Radisson hotel with Jennifer Lopez
With thongs, swingin my fuckin doorbell
With her hair, ass showin
Anal penetration dark spot in the back with lights in the front
Of my cock, hit the guest list from the side
With fallopian tubes showin access, from the side
Vanerial protector automatic selector
Verbal butt taster with vanilla flavor
Between Lisa Ray's butt cheeks, astronomical kodak flashes
Showin ya girlfriends with dark brown chocolate tight asses
Keith Korg, stucked your girlfriend in the back of the ass crack
You's the diaper with a service sword
Thats right, got arrested for undecent exposure
Walkin in the mourge, now they sent her with a dog strap


"Fuck them analog niggaz, them niggaz had me and my girls 
Come over there to dance, them niggaz didn't have no money
All they wanted to do is fuck, them niggaz ain't shit
Them niggaz is broke, fuck them niggaz, them niggaz is bitches"

(Mark Moog)
Sexed out psycho sections with the head work
Prissy blondes get they shit work
Sex offenders who remember masturbation cold in the winter
Street corner pervert, get ya swallow off they shoe missles in they mouth
Till they coughin, nobody's smellin who's fuckin them Nicco sweets
Silk sheets Moog mentality, put the dick in your bitch violently
Late night playa missions strip club stealth position
Hotel suites be dark, used condoms in the bathroom park
I'mma freak ya mama don't know what happened after midnight
Soundly gonna blow right, mentally in a back door, Hollywood flip you
Now you're a whore, headward blooded out perverted still comin out
Alley ways, back stairways bitches tied up, sized up, police follow me
Analog lead ya girl bikini collections dangerous erections
Find me in the triple X fuckin section
1, 2 I'm in the strip club with a condom on my dick


Analog brothers, 99 and then some

More freaks
More freaks