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Artist: Analog Brothers
Album:  Pimp to Eat
Song:   2005
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Mark Moog]
2005, ready to go
Mark Moog, Keith Korg, Silver Synth
Analog explosion move rattle brains in midrange
All dirt production, global disasters felt universal
2005 no rehearsal, low frequencies hurt you
Levels beyond normal new star cruisers
Veteran battleships, Mark Moog battle sick
Handle your trinity fine to infinity we at it again
Choke you out, battle again
Mothra, rocket launcher entourage
Figure out the level we on
They've lost in an overspace cross
I split your face, ghetto funk
Finger trouble funk, rollin XJ3P underground evil funk
Get ready, genocidal airwaves
Terrified from the airplay, one two

[Chorus: Odd Oberheim]
2005, level no drive, comin to raise
Step in the new days of death waves
Comin to raise 2005, level of live
Comin to raise step in the new ways of death rays
Comin in waves

[Keith Korg]
Keith Korg, vocal booth kingpin
Wipe your lyrics off on a napkin
With an action packed thrust, turbo boost get loose
Face crews like a bull fighter
Makin a freebase smoker put out his cigarette lighter
Green man, see me pushin a black Cadillac
With Darth Vader and R2-D2 drivin a Fleetwood Brougham
Through a Wendy's drivethrough, orderin spicy chicken
With Christmas bags with easy pickings, with Captain Kirk shirts
Watchin MC's move like robots with platinum jewels on
and tight mini-skirts, Xerox copy duplicate man X
Let's dead man flex, open distance disconnect
Answering machines, operation evacuation stayin with a green me
Coat with a fedora gray Kangol, sippin out a can {?}
With Magilla Gorilla, drivin a red Jeep Durango
Sound system plush, with Space Ghost in the back lightin my joint
Angel dust, bumpin Cold Crush and Linda Ronstadt
watchin the cat breakdance on the doormat
Doberman Pinschers do the electric boogie at the bus stop
Sellin these kegs 'til the one stops
Bark of your mouth from the Vicks cough drops
Magnum plus, bust bust bust, bust bust

[Chorus: Odd Oberheim]
Two thousand and five the level of live is raised
Step in the new ways of death rays, comin to blaze
Two thousand and five the level of live is raised
Step in the new ways of death rays, comin in waves

[Silver Synth]
By hypothesis official oral homicide I'm rockin this
Surgically infectious type unconsciousness, I drop a logic bomb
Hideous to the intellect-less
Eviscerating precision encisions as a forensic
Eviscerating abstractness by circumstance, my megahurt verse advance
Razor knife sharp through your orifice
Like pseudonyms exploit, I dispose in violation
Then cloak and dagger, to the ceiling in your fantasy
Choked off the verbal dispatch, inhale the herbal through the face plate
Plus the larynx hatch, extensive
Effective, eviscerating, virtual potential to the uppermost we coast
Brightly, with industry autopsies that slightly splinter
Methodically slash, achilles tendon we bash bass platoons
And butched buffoons, then photograph a dozen whispers
Particular plasma, gettin soaked, we structure the obscure circumstances
at a slope then vehicle the progress, and
scorch the bureaucratics while we torch interpalms on microphones
We the studio {?} utility species discoputer Sil Synth

[Odd Oberheim]
Two thousand and five, comin in live, level is raised
To fit the new ways of death rays, comin to raise
Two thousand and five the level of live has been raised
Step in the new ways of death rays, comin in waves
I grab any lightning rod and transport to rock odd
The year VMX double-oh-thousand hot rod
Clog up your intestines with the flower snakes
And grab your {?}, the girls are ready to quake
She says you're weirder than a Doctor Who marathon
I tell her to hush, the year's 2005 and beyond
Golden dia-monds, flyin high like Icarus
With wings that get so high you just might miss this
Can you understand the level of comprehension
I'm talkin whips made out of titanium
2005 the level of live, no sound tones
Destroyin death moons, walkin over the Gods of hip-hop's large
I'm feelin blessed with the witness to original Amarettos
Sippin on top of high levels

It's 2005, the level of live has been raised
To fit the new waves of death rays
Comin in waves, it's 2005, the level of live is raised
To fit the new ways of death rays comin in waves
Two thousand and FIVE
Two thousand and FIVE..
Two thousand and FIIIIIIIIIIVE......