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Artist: Ancient Astronauts f/ DJ Zeph and Azeem
Album:  We Are to Answer
Song:   Oblivion
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[Intro: Azeem]
Oakland, California
Nineteen Two Thousand and Seventy Seven
Yeah, A-Z-33-M, Germany, what's happenin? 
Told y'all a long time man, E.T.C. - Erase and Take Charge 
Time never was, yeah...

Told you last record our minds was museums 
When you bare witness, no need to believe it 
I wrote these vocals while dreamin 
Ridin on lions with wings Watchin hell bein freezing (Uh) 
You can go call all your popular demons 
and wizards and witches and lizards and preachers 
They build more prisons than places for teachers
Prostitute freedom, gave us fake leaders 
Broke out the paint, and made a fake Jesus 
Broke off the noses to make a fake Egypt 
Greek like Adonis, Nike and Adidas 
Talisons made from Osiris's penis 
Legacy stolen, statues of Venus 
Asses the sizes of Rome Colosseum
Juggernauts, Cyclops, and Titans eat Häagen-Dazs 
Waiting in Babylon, return of The Astronauts

[Chorus: cuts and scratches by DJ Zeph]
"Get the people's hands up above" 
"Get-Get, Get, Get respect and love worldwide" <- Talib Kweli

Tricked y'all, didn't I? (Nope!) 
Not never will I take a likkle break - and not, sound, better (ah!)
I wrote this words with the feather 
Ran outta ink And use tears from the devil 
He taught me how to succeed 
He said, "Rest is a weapon, your enemy is SLEEP!" 
No matter what they think 
A soldier with no enemy Will never know his own strength 
So the music is richer 
(Yeaaah~!) And all the beats sound thicker 
(Uh-huh) And all my lyrics are pictures
I wrote this image, so you see what a prince is 
Another way to depict it 
That tunnel with that light you could see from a distance 
With flames and black fists liftin the sentence 
And crush the metropolis (yep), just as predicted 
That's a beautiful vision 
I just painted Armageddon and made it sound like heaven 
That's just how we livin 
I told you that the roof's on fire, I really meant it


...Follow me 
If angels had fingers connected to strings 
We would be puppets and love would be king 
War wouldn't be a word of any worth 
They made Earth on hell out of heaven on Earth
Fly scriptures above skyscrapers with chemical planes 
spray POISON over East Berlin 
And over Oakland Where the gangstas live 
+No Lotion+ like Capleton - ROUGH, it's war outside (uh-huh)
I cry for Natalie, I heard she died 
I hope I see you on the other side of town 
Infinite, God mind, I'm livin in it 
Out of body and I'm leavin all this alien genetics with it 
Hop a ship with some Pleiadians and travel with them 
And head the +Venus+ for +Serena+-shaped women (yeah)
Ancient mind, metric vision 
I turn ink to wine And get the sky drunk with it


Yuh DUN kno~!
DJ Zeph, Azeem
Spend time wise