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Artist: Al-D f/ SPM, S.U.C
Album:  4 Da Green
Song:   Never Forget
Typed by: Lil Hustle

(*Al-D & (Z-Ro) talking*)
Screw (what's the deal my nigga)
Man, King Screw, dedicate this to you my nigga
We love you forever boy (straight up much love)
We ain't gon never forget you mayn
Never forget the times we had (G love, know I'm saying)
Al-D and Z-Ro (ha) South Park Mexican

[Hook - 2x]
I'll never forget, the times when we crawled together
I'll never forget, the times when we balled together
I'll never forget, the love, hugs, smiles and tears
And the strength to help me conquer my fears

I'll never forget, the day we met
I was on Gravestone, trying to find a address
You told me that your wife, had just lost your baby
I never met a man, so hate free
Lately, I've been drunk as fuck
I open up a cold beer, as soon as I wake up
I live in Screwston Texas, that's my home
Banging Screw since 9-2, ask my T. Jones
When Fat Pat died, we was all alone
That boy was the coldest, on the microphone
Screw took it harder, than anyone thought
It's hard to be apart, from someone close to your heart
South Park from the start, all of a sudden
The whole nation, all bout the Screw Shop on Cullen
November 16th, I sat and cried
Cause that was the day, that Houston Texas died

[Verse 2]
I'll never forget true love see, it's gon last forever
Keep my feet on solid ground, so we could ball together
Since a young one never done one, stay true to the heart
You kept my head above water, gave me spark from the start
You put the mic in my hand, plus put your trust in me
Dodging cases being a G, you got me out of the streets
Gave me the capital of Texas, so I could throw away the pyreeces
Put a queen on my shoulder, when nights were cold as misses
Hustling smiles appear the tears, the tears from younger years
Until they find us riders, make sure you standing here
S.U.C. for L-I-F-E, Screw blew one with the streets
Slowed down originator, keeping the trunk on beat
My faith in G-O-D, putting the world up under my feet
Making imitators duketators, bow down and can't compete
From a G to a G, this here's for you to me
Staying down putting it down, screaming Screw for eternity

[Hook - 2x]

[Verse 3]
Whoever knew he would create a new sound, never been heard
Transform a simple name, into a household word
He gained fame but never changed, never switched gears
When you met him it was like, you been knowing him twenty years
Was never fake, blessed to make the rap scene elevate
Genius, watch that boy slow it down and still accelerate
God gave him a gift, and my partna knew how to use it
But the love I got for Screw, ain't got nothing to do with music
Cause when he left, the physical was consumed
But his spirit manifesting, everybody in this room
A real partna forever, I know I can never be him
But if I make him my example, when you see me then you'll see him
S for slowing it down, C cold creating
R stands for realer than real, and never hating
E forever lasting, effect never corrupt
W for the world, cause that's what he screwed up

[Verse 4]
Man I'll never forget, the difference time can make
Man I'll never forget, coming down in the 8
Man I'll never forget, we drunk the pint straight
We been freestyling, since them old grey tapes
And then came the day, that we was making them G's
Had them niggaz lined up, like we was slanging them ki's
But we ain't slanging D, we just moving C.D.'s
People coming to the shop, way from over the seas
But still we some G's, or should I say that we back
Coming down in a Impala, with the candy wet
Coming down MLK, with the music that bump
We was swanging and banging, steady popping the trunk
Say what's up to that Gator, Mafio and that Pat
I know y'all looking down from heaven, watching over our back
When they mention Screwed Up Click, they gon say that we done it
Mayn them boys done blew up, like the flight 800

[Hook - 2x]

DJ Screw playa, I'll never forget
Represent S.U.C., forever my set
I'll never regret, the times we got blowed
On the road doing shows, all across the globe
It's your boy Willean, and I'm holding it down
Legendary status Screw, steady slowing it down
For H-Town fa sho, we done lost a soldier
We gon finish what you live, and I'ma put that on the Clover
It ain't over, pour and sipping the plain soda
Switching lanes over, in my black Range Rover
The Chemist that's right, I done shed some tears
All the car shows we wrecked, and bled for years
You one of my peers, DJ Screw you kept it real
You one of a kind, so you one out a mill
I'ma stay representing, Southsive for live
And if S.U.C. get a deal, it's gon be a hundred mill

If nobody else, could feel my pain
It was you in my corner, through the heat and the rain
Can't call one time, you didn't make me smile
Took a fall in the Penn, boy you fed my child
Kept my name on fire, like I never left
Kept your eyes on my family, and never slept
Snatched my ass out the streets, and put a mic in my hand
Put my strap on the shelf tray, my fiends for fans
I was hard head misled, seeking for bread
Without the music in my life, I know I would of been dead
But the Lord sent you to me, like a guardian angel
When my feet was caught up in a tangle
So please smile for me, cause Screw you got me thoed in this game
I salute you with my fist, your name was never in vein
See the plack on the wall, all our dreams came true
And I'm still giving thanks to you

[Hook - 2x]