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Artist: Al-D f/ Lil' Keke
Album:  4 Da Green
Song:   Hurtin Inside
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Much love CMB, O.G.'s no offense
But red white and blue, ain't our residence
Brainwashed from the start, put hate in our heart
For our own skin color, this is the devil's art
Protect yourself, but the set ain't necessary
Just a fast ticket, to the obituary
And I'm serious G, G as in guardian
Black for life, now tell me what set is harder than
Self, originated from the motherland
Born creator, since day one black man
And I ain't trying to tell ya, nothing wrong
But if the blacks don't reach the blacks, who's gon reach us homes
You kill a black you safe, but kill the other
You crucified, look at gram

[Hook - 3X]
I'm hurting inside, I'm hurting inside
I'm hurting inside, I feel so much pain

My past is death, locked in hell now the devil's mad
See I'm killing him slowly, with the pen and my pad
Hate to hear the truth revealed, let me start this
True for life, the light shining off the darkness
For four hundred years, abused and mistreated
Held captive in Babylon, and it ain't hard to see it
We struggle everyday, just because of our skin color
But some devils can be blacker, they cold and still ain't your brother
It's a shame we got off the same boat, in shackles and chains
Now we're killing eachother, in the neighborhood gangs
Will you kill me, if I wear blue or red
You can bleach the rag, but you can't bleach my skin so it's all dead
Open up your eyes, genocide is what's going down
Righteous blood is still spilling, on the earth's ground
From the thunder's, that created by the other side
So don't ask me why I'm hurting inside, I'm hurting inside

[Hook - 4X]

How long will we kill eachother, man
I know you don't wanna hear this, because you killing more niggaz than the Klan man
So open up your eyes, are you happy with your lives
A victim of the system, ain't got to worry about drive by's
Man it don't make, no sense at all
I'll be down for my ways, till the day I fall
Cause you can't come together, with another color
Until you come together, with your own black brother
So save all the drama, we're tired of seeing blood shed
We gotta be smart, and stop being misled
Cause blue and red, has white in the middle
Let them bang for the flag, cause in the end they all sizzle
God take note, of all the G's that died
In the streets of America, I'm hurting inside

[Hook - 3X]

[Lil' Keke]
I'm hurting inside, I'm under critical condition
Hear my credit politician, mayn we all on a mission
Arms itching arms snitching, will we ever excell
Or will we squash this plexing, when we meet up in hell
You fail to see, that this life ain't free
And this K-I-N-G, has potential to be
A lock and a key, my 20/20 can see
That this dirty industry, is trying to fuck Keke
Let me explain, the actors and the factors
The devil frantic losers, and the politician jackers
Contrasters they fiend, they also try to scheme
And try to get paid, on another niggaz dream
It seems that bidness, is bad for your health
It looks to me, that every man's for himself
But I'ma stay strong, and I'ma keep my pride
And try to stop all this damn hurting inside, I'm hurting