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Artist: Al-D f/ Mike D, Mr. 3-2
Album:  4 Da Green
Song:   Gorillas
Typed by: Lil Hustle

You know you done fucked up, don't you
You know you done fucked up, fedd-i-y
That's my team, killas, killas

[Hook - 2x]
My entourage don't play, we blast on sight
Make a hit move quick, and disappear in the night
War war plus more, for you hoes ass niggas
Separate the monkeys from the gorillas

[Mike D]
Call me a ape I'm not a mark, I'm a Hogg gorilla
You get it lost you get tossed, for the cost nigga
I'm the boss of the house, plus the sauce nigga
From a block to a block, it don't stop nigga
See you fucking with a gorilla, that's raw and untamed
Testing your feet in the water, scorch it in flames
You kill me mayn, it ain't shit to move niggas
Cemetery street booth, the pot to abuse niggas
Spin em around, watch em fuck to the ground nigga
And be like timber, cause somebody too limber
For the block to enter, split up his fo'head
I'm cross red, light speed or head at niggas
I don't know how the hell you gon get fed, for free nigga
It's me nigga, rep it up for the three nigga
Don Corleone, separate monkeys from gorillas
You feel that, motherfucker

[Hook - 2x]

[Mr. 3-2]
Guns busting, blood rushing out your body
That make you clear the way, in a new Mazaratti
Niggas talk about it, but what would you do
If I had that big black thang, pointed at you
I'm Mr. 3-2, ghetto confidant
Ladies on dick, niggas wanna go to war
But I don't bar, nothing but promethazyne
Spin out your limousine, lifted a whole magazine
Sixteen plus one, watch me square it off
Running through the whole house, it's the number one Boss
Fuck it doors off, it don't get no realer
Fucking with this Southside, Gulf Coast gorilla
Born a go getter, eager and ambitious
Coward ass bitches, getting broke like dishes
Caught up like fishes, and swimming in the sea
My repercussion as I'm busting, on the first thing I see

[Hook - 2x]

I'm a fiend for green, feddy'n my team
Po' nigga slow nigga, what the fuck you mean
First off I'm the shit, and the click I claim
Talking down on the name, you get two in your brain
With the slugs you injected, came back resurrected
Pimp my pen got my ends, now I'm well respected
Just accept it, you can't fight fire with heat
Look a G in the eyes, and stop talking to my feet
We too deep to go to sleep, keep bumping your gums
Throw ones and dum-dums, buried deep in they lungs
I ain't playing, so listen carefully to a G
You don't want nothing, with this S.U.C.
I mean nothing, end of discussion
Break a nigga bluffing, I'm busting when you rushing
Nigga fuck busting, I'm packing my heat
Leaving hoes and my foes, from they head to they feet

[Hook - 3x]