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Artist: Achozen f/ Killah Priest, Shukura Holliday
Album:  Babylon A.D. OST
Song:   Immaculate
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Shukura Holliday]
Take home to where I'm from
Take me home away from Babylon
Take me back to where I'm from
Take me back away from Babylon
Don't be afraid of destiny or paradise
Your path is right, I'll walk with you with no compromise
These are blessings placed and may you decide
So real to you but still we realize
Ohhh take me home to where I'm from
Seems so far from where I dawn
Take me home to where I'm from
Peasantry alone

(Chorus) Shukura Holliday
So be prepared as I still ?pad open door?
Got heart fa'sho and so much more room to grow
Human connection, illumanati, that mission, mission
The past is after death ______ bad

[Killah Priest]
My mind is the mothership, I can soar space because of it
More further I fly the deeper my subject get
Sun eclipse, Stars align, I see Mars when I rhyme
Knowledge is miles when the bars combine
The Pen is the tank, the fuel is the ink
Soon as I think, it's just like my mind move from the blink
Call the pages my runway; the book is my launch pad
Soon as the sun blaze, its Renaissance on glass
My room is a sanctuary
The deeper my rhymes where the paintings are buried
Michelangelo where my writin' hands shows
Deep portraits like Van Gogh make my canvas glow
I leave Babylon as soon as the battle is on
Look at the throne that the Priest, the Pharaoh is on
No father could style, it's the Immaculate Deception
I'm just rappin' you pregnant

[Shavo Odadjian]
Virginity is question, non-perception
The Achozen, resurrect in the resurrection
Paradigm shift in a light aim direction
Sharp sword slice the Immaculate Deception

(Chorus) Shukura Holliday