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Artist: Ace Spitz f/ E. Ness
Album:  Fearless
Song:   Major
Typed by: Ace Spitz

(Ace Spitz)
laughing (echo)
Choppas, money and business

(E. Ness)
Tru Boss, Ace Spitz (echo)
Lockness (echo)

[Chorus - Ace Spitz]
(I do it Major)
If I like it, when I see it Imma cop it
Tru Boss is the click, we the only niggaz poppin
(I do it Major)
All day in the trap, I be flippin weight
Sale after sale after sale, I be getting cake
(I do it Major)
Everybody should know I got the hottest flow
And every time I get on stage, I always rock the show
(I do it Major)
I be stuntin, they don't do like me
Show respect in the presence of a G nigga!!
(I do it Major)

[Verse 1 - Ace Spitz]
Crack them bottles, Tru Boss my whole crew in here
Expect the unexpected, aint no telling what I do this year
Blow a couple racks on a whip, maybe two this year
Ride thru ya strip wit a bitch, maybe two in there
Pussy like a ocean dog, you gone need ya scuba gear
J's on my feet, I be fly in the newest wear
Killin off these suckas, I been getting to that money too
I been getting money, had a drop when I was twenty-two
Shitin on the game, still getting at this change
When you get a lil fame, all these bitches know ya name
Felt the pain all my life, I been sittin in the rain
I lost my brother to the system, another victim of the game
See the ears see the watch, and the glisten in the chain
I Go hard when I bang, like Blake Griffin in the lane
And I aint gone stop, Imma keep spttin flames
Keep it real til I die, and that shit ah never change!!

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2 - E. Ness]
I keep something for you niggas tryna jump the line
Everyday my birthday, and Im Duncan Hines
Let my man Butta serve you, I don't wanna grind
Let my man Ace bomb you, I don't wanna rhyme
I keep it on me like I'm Rondonumbanine
Detail the whip, it's getting ready for the summertime
You niggas do too much, try to undermine
You fuck one of mine, I'm like fuck her cuz they come a dime
I bend the corner, everybody getting side swiped
Fuck you mean worry bout yaself, this is my life
Infrared to his head, that's a highlight
You niggas couldn't fill my shoes, if they died twice
One false move, I turn ya brains into fried rice
So fly right, cuz you not eating until ya squad right
So Fuck ya B.E.T. Awards and ya five mics
and hatin on my IG page, cuz you got 5 likes

[Repeat Chorus]

(E. Ness)
Major shit nigga!!
Lockness, Ace Spitz, 2-1-5, Rest Ya Neck Entertainment, Gunline