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Artist: A+
Album:  Hempstead High
Song:   Enjoy Yourself
Typed by:, OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Enjoy Yourself..
9-8, get it straight
Yo, yes yes y'all steady playin the wall
Too young to sip alcohol at the bar
I'm ready to jet, girls actin bourgeoise
Yo Kedar, let me hold the keys to the car
I'm in front of the club tryin to bag a chick
Tryin to get five of em, cuz the whip seat six
Feelin aight, chrome lookin real tight
Watch the moonlight bounce off the pearl white
Word money, I earn money just to burn money
I'm tryin to get this federal reserve money
There's two type of artists, expert and novice
Expert always hit the mark of they target

Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself with me
Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself with me
You gotta enjoy yourself... cmon

I have the baddest foundation ever established
Me and my team bubble like Alka Seltzer tablets
Don't sleep, when its time to creep
A little pimp like me will crawl underneath
It takes alot more than word to move me
I don't give a P-H-U-K what you say
Actin all wild, unprofession-al
Who got beef, I knock teeth out ya smile
My lyrical lubricant keeps the crowd movin
You get booed when your stage show needs improvment
So if you wanna see A+ the artist
You gotta Western Union me a key grand deposit
While that cats out there steady kickin garbage
Girls steady sayin, look I can see who the God is
You can't harm me or stop me
even on a poor quality bootleg cassette copy

Yo yo yo, take ya time, make up ya mind
The dime pieces love the diamonds and the shine
Real friends never fall in love
Stealin my heart, is like stealin a car with The Club
Nevertheless I get an occasional crush
Say some romantic stuff to make you wanna blush
Girls in all flavors, no matter what they race is
Rhymes amazin, makin Craig Mack faces
Take em back to the lab and touch three bases
Take my time, don't wanna catch no rape cases
Kiss her on the forehead and say goodnight
A+ y'all, and I'm out like three strikes