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Artist: 7A3 
Album:  7A3 Will Rock You 12" Single
Song:   7A3 Will Rock You 
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We're the 7-A-3 this is our domain
And you're going wanna know from whence we came
The pride of our race with the style and the grace
So you sucker MCs step out of our face

We will, we will, we will rock you (x2)

The minute of the second the minute and the hour
The two cool brothers who are pushin much power
You know we never miss cause we sound like this
And for all you lovely ladies say here's a little kiss


The strategy proceeding is to overcome the mind
To leave the ideal image throughout mankind
The job is kinda hard, but yet we'll be succeeding
If rock is what you want, no further you need it
I am the man they call Shawny B
The youngest crew member of the 7A3
The 7A3 will hit the top of the list
But right now you just can't do this


Now with a certain charisma with this and special knowledge
Don't receive it in a school, or in a college
When I got special gifts, somethin you're born with
And the 7A3, we have a lot of this
The name is Bretty B of the 7A3
I'm commander in chief of the fresh posse
Shawny is my brother and we wanna see you party
Get you all hot and sweaty, have it drip down your body
You see, we will request, any request
As long as it gives joy and happiness
So, everybody live love and laugh
Because the money you pay we split in half
See this is not a can can, but its a jam jam
And when you hear it you'll say, damn man

(Chorus) w/Guitar

We're telling you the truth, this tale is not a tattle
Your bodies we will rock, your minds we will rattle
So take our advice and you better skeedaddle
Cause we're pushin more power than a herd of cattle
We're tired of all the soft MCs
Sayin they'll bring us down to our knees
Talkin' mess when their backs are turned
Never say it to our face cause they know they'll get burned
United we stand, divided we fall
And in the year of eighty-seven Bouldin brothers take it all
Leave the ladies stimulated, homeboys devastated
Combination's devastatin' as we just demonstrated
See, Brett and Shawn, we formed an alliance
We'll demolish and destroy anyone who show defiance
See I'm not tweedle-dee, he's not tweedle-dum
Keep money in my pocket cus we never are bums