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Artist: 7A3
Album:  Colors OST
Song:   Mad Mad World
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A little bit more attitude?

Teenage years are full of complications
You go to school to get an education
Never realizin that there's a limitation
If you don't get a job or a fresh occupation
With your parents there's no communication
You feel a lotta fear, a lotta frustration
Knowin your only destination
Is to be a nobody in this population
So you set ahead with your I-can't-do's
Leavin your troubles behind and all your hard time blues
Because becomin an adult can leave your mind in a twirl
When you think you know it all in a mad, mad world

Look at Ethiopia, and what do you see?
I said you can't tell the children from the elderly
And when you look in their eyes, all you see is peace
Cause from the agony they want to be released
You see, they're fightin for their lives with every breath
Against famine, disease and the claws of death
Now this was once a mighty nation
But then came the plague that they call starvation
Now the stomach feels the pain, shocks the brain
All because one day it decided to rain
And the land is dry while the mothers cry
And the babies that are born are born to die
See the flies on their faces, dust in the air
The attitude we take is "I don't care"
But I guess it hurts me more than any other
That's not a kid, that's my little brother
Death is walkin the nation, takin boys and girls
And all I say to myself is it's a mad, mad world

It's a mad, mad world, whether poor or rich
Because you're livin with the problems that you're tryin to ditch
I mean your daughter is a addict, your husband has left
You have to pay for the bills of your ( ? ) death
Mentally abused, day in and day out
Your stress point fills up, you're ready to shout
But let me tell you a little something, that will not work
Cause all you will find out are more problems that hurt
Can't pay for all your rent so you try to hide
And when that doesn't work you commit suicide
And now who has the problems? Your little girl
And do you know why? Cause it's a mad, mad world

Let's take for example the Vietnam war
Sent our boys to the jungle, never told em what for
Some thought that they'd be heroes, for their destiny was bound
A lot are still missing, never to be found
Why are we fighting the war is what a lotta people said
While parents prayed every night, their sons were dead
Took mommy's little boy, left him in a foreign land
Said, "You're fightin for your country, you better be a man"
Better watch yourself, kid, and do the best you can
Cause one wrong move can mean you're dead where you stand
He finally gets home, another war is goin on
Some are sayin that he's right while other say he's wrong
When all he ever wanted was a warm embrace
Of love, but instead we spit in his face
And shoved him aside to become an outcast
With a bitter hate and a pain for the past
No one understood his hatred or confusion
Said he was a fool and was livin in illusion
Thinkin of society and how he must adjust
Dreamin of his buddy who he saw blown in the dust
Got a chip on his shoulder, it must weigh a ton
Can't hold a job cause he's been killin from 18 to 21