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Artist: 600Breezy
Album:  Talk My Shit (S)
Song:   Talk My Shit
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I love the fact that I'm the under dog
If she don't bring another bitch it ain't no fun at all
Leading Scorer on my team currently
Brezo George Gervin Yea these niggas heard of me
Safe to say I got this shit for my team right now
I'm riding round with semi autos with them beams right now
I think I'm George Gervin imma cold nigga
Me and my dogs ain't falling out over no hoes nigga
I used to just hit the road for just 4 figures
Splittin packs a few racks between 4 niggas
And now I get them bands for a show nigga
Every town I'm getting showered with hoes nigga
I hit 6 cities in the same month
Still humble still hungry it ain't change nothin
You got that pack on you nigga then flame up
Damn yo homie got clapped? don't blame us
I walk around with that reefa oder
Product of the early 90s cut from baking soda
My niggas working getting money we the same us
Not to mention lost 2 niggas in the same month
I hit the road and come home tryna bang somethin
You got some money young nigga? Betta slang somethin
Get on these beats and talk my shit
And if its coming out yo mouth you betta walk that shit
Man that pussy so good I wanna stalk that bitch
I know they on the other side like he talk that shit
I ride around with 4-5s and m16s
A hood nigga with some money imma bitch dream
Right now I'm in LA smoking hella thoinks
And Rest in peace to LA this who I do it for
Grip the game like some pliers what I'm in it for
And most of ya'll niggas liers tryna get some points
I keep that tool yea that iron cause I'm hella points
Bitch I don't want you
Hoe you tired I don't get the point
I'm tryna do the right thing and get this rap money
And every nigga to my rear they gone clap fa me
The jakes snatch me up
Bonded out 30 racks
Beat the case in speedy trial got it right back
I'm taking off on these niggas they don't like that
I'm Still a shooter keep a glove like I'm Mike Jack
Froze from the neck up
I ain't talk about a clinic but I got that check up
All the thottie hood hoes always tryna sweat us
We gangbanging round here nigga throw a set up
Water park shit bitch niggas getting wet up
Ain't no let up
Brezo from the six I got my check up