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Artist: 5th Ward Weebie f/ Ms. Tee
Album:  Ghetto Platinum
Song:   Show U
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[Ms. Tee]
When we met I thought we were ment to be
Now you listening to your friends, you doggin me (doggin me)
I'm sitting at home crying on the phone
I don't understand how our love is gone
(I don't understand) Why you leavin' me alone
(I don't understand) Why you treat me wrong
(Why you treat 'em wrong) Just because I made mistakes in the past
doesn't mean our love affair can not last

Luv'en you (luv'en you) is the only way I can show U (show U)
trust in me and I will trust you (trust you)
that is all I can wish to (wish to) (wish to)

[5th Ward Weebie]
(Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh)
She had big thighs with nice hair
great thong with cute lips
everytime that youy see her shes always wearin nice gear
Prada shoes Prada pants
come on girl let's see you dance
bend over and touch the floor
pull it down and show me more
have you ever heard of me
tearin' it down wit Ms. Tee
spell it for me please girl
No baby what you think this here is funny
takin yo clothes off trying to get to Weebie money
Ah ha baby you gotta break it off propa
you gotta do a little bit more than give fifty and prauda
I really don't want yo prauda aint trying to be settled down
truing to be my ol' lady trying to keep a playa around


[5th Ward Weebie]
(Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh)
Look I'm Lil' Weebie
You can say what you want baby
Catchin' the floor wit it, and shakin your trunk baby
Popin off my song, takin off your thong
If you don't belong, get your coat go home
Cauz I heard you was a nasty freakin for Weebie
I like to shake it and take it, I like the money you make it
Now turn around, tear it down, shake your leg wit it
The way you move it and do it your hurtin' my head wit it
I'm a dog baby, lord somebody tell this girl
I hit 'em duck 'em and treat 'em just like that other girl
Now just hold on cousin bustin and workin on my nerves
You bout to make me go off and kick you to the curb


[Ms. Tee]
(OooOoh) I don't really know if you trust in me (if you trust in me)
(Ooh) baby you gotta believe me (Ooh) baby I love you
(I love you)

(Why you leavin me alone)
(I don't understand why you treat me wrong)
(Just because I made mistakes in the past)
(That doesn't mean our love can't last)

[Chorus] - repeat until end