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Artist: 5th Ward Weebie f/ Kane & Abel, Mystikal
Album:  Ghetto Platinum
Song:   Show Dat Work
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(5th Ward Weebie)
(Hook) (2x)
(5th Ward Weebie) You gotta shake it like a dog
(Mystikal) Show dat work
(5th Ward Weebie) You gotta wobble on the wall
(Mystikal) Show dat work
(5th Ward Weebie) You gotta take it all off
(Mystikal) Show dat work
(1x) (5th Ward Webbie) You gotta shake it like a, 
you gotta shake it like a
(2x) (5th Ward Weebie) ha,ha,ha,ha
Girl I wanna do you like a German Shepard
Take you home and get you hot and hot and get you butt naked
On the floor on the bed leg on the dresser
Bend you out and wear you out on my own record
Drop dat work, Take dat work, Throw dat work 
Do what you do show dat work
I want dat cushion da pushing that got me looking
Bet you if I get wit you I hit the bottom of the bushes
So don't call me them other suckers trying to play me like that
Cause I'll give you them couple dollars let my partner bite that
And if you wana do it again with somebody else then I'll be right back
And when we do it don't worry it's gone be somewhere where it's nice at
(5th Ward Weebie)
ha, Kane & Abel baby, 5th Ward Weebie baby, Mystikal baby,
You gotta drop a little lower, drop a little lower
ha, check it,ha, come on
(Hook) (2x)
(5th Ward Weebie)
It's lil Weebie ha he off the heezie ha
(Mystikal) Show dat work
(5th Ward Weebie)
You took it off shorty
Catching the wall taking it off, shaking it shorty
Oooh lil mama lookin for Weebie and Mystikal
and Kane & Abel & on the cable
Gotcha twerkin and working on you grandma kitchen table
Now drop a lil lower , pop a lil lower for me baby
Do what you do for part 2 cousin don't try to play me
Breaking it off for fifty popping in (?) city
A million dollars gone holla keep em shaking in they parla
Cause I know you like to go off and show off for Weebie
Take it slow for P Town move over bend over easy
Ooh baby like it when you jiggle and wobble
Walking it like a model while you popping your bottle
Cause I know you act a fool wit it went to school wit it
Bring it round the world I like to see you move wit it
Bout to boil like a fire coming out the Gizia
Making em take it off while you shake it like a dog
(Hook) (2x)
(Kane & Abel)
I wana see you girls wiggle it, strip wit it, jiggle it
Bend it over bust a split show dem brauds who they wit
Break Break a sweat wit it, get them draws wet wit it, get it
I got to like it like a pit when I hit it
Ooh bust a quick turn I gots to see you from the front know 
Back it up baby make em hot make em jump now
Bounce for me oh give it to em raw now 
Twerk the bar work the floor now wobble some more
Most Wanted on the mic yes I might go off 
Make it bounce, make it twerk, now shake it like a dog
Now shake it for your boy let me see dat work you making my head hurt lifting up tha skirt
Now let me see you drop down take it to the floor 
I love it here's a hundred baby show me some more
Your outfit is skin tight messy chicks wont fight body looking just right girl it's on tonight
(Hook) (2x)
(5th Ward Weebie)
Most wanted boys bout to make you wobble harder
Make you shag down make you shake it for a quarter
5th Ward Weebie bout to hit you wit dat work, 
bout to make you lift your skirt,(?)

[repeat 2X]
(Gots to turn around back it up act a fool back it up 
make it hustle back it up 
Make it wobble back it up turn around back it up )

Drop low wit it do the 5th ward wit it
now drop low wit it do the 5th ward wit it
Do the 5th ward hustle , 5th ward hustle
5th ward hustle , do the 5th ward hustle
You gots to drop drop jiggy jiggy drop drop jiggy jiggy
Do what you do