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Artist: 50 Cent
Album:  The Big 10
Song:   You Took My Heart
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"So tonight, I wanna talk to you about the relationship
 between money and peace.
 A lot of other people say it's not about money.
 It's about peace, and it's about joy, and it's about love.
 It's about money, it's about money, it's about money."

[50 Cent along with sample]
You took my heart... right outta me
And tore it... in a million pieces

[Chorus: 50 Cent]
You took my heart, from me
I'll never be, the same
Now killin won't be hard, for me
Cause I can't, feel, a thang

[50 - over Chorus]
Man I don't give a fuck, I don't wanna hear nothin
Y'all niggaz, man
What? What the fuck is you lookin at?
Oh you tough? Oh, oh he a tough nigga
Go get my straps man, get the straps

[50 Cent]
Sunday morning, preacher in the pulpit
Kiss my nana, I can't listen to this bullshit
It's all good 'til he askin for an offerin
All we got is pain, so that's all I could offer him
My momma cold, she brought me in this cold world
And left me - what I got to protect me?
Oh I got a nine, yeah I got a nine
And all this ambition, bitch I'm on the grind
Sky's the limit; two for five's the gimmick
You line some'n up, I'll tie some'n up
Then run up out that crib with that money nigga what
School of hard knocks, I'm ahead of my class
With no hesitation put a hole in yo' ass
You know it's never my fault when I fuck up
I knock ya ass out, then wake you the fuck up
Brass knuckles and my knife, now tell me what's up
Would ya now


[50 - over Chorus]
Son you know I don't like these sucka ass niggaz anyway
I'm tellin you these niggaz think you soft son
You see, you see what I'm tellin you
They think you sweet son
Fuck it, give me the strap son!

[50 Cent]
I made it to a half a mansion, I thought I made it
Hood bitches on a nigga yeah, all on a nigga yeah
The D's hit the door with the batter ram, rushin in
I'm standin by the toilet that's broke, tryin to flush the shit
Bizzy was my nigga, started fuckin with that cracker shit
Beat me out my money, nigga ran off with my Mac kid
Damn, I was down, he kicked me when I'm down
When I think about the shit it fucked my head up right now
You know the same niggaz that got me shot killed your brother
And you ain't never did shit about that muh'fucker
Them niggaz that's beefin wit'chu, I shot that park up
Now I'm thinkin 'bout the occasions my gun blazin
You got me feelin like a sucker B


[Outro: 50 Cent]
Son I don't give a fuck, son we can go back right now!
Niggaz gon' try to front on me and be right there?
Nah, nah, I'm puttin them niggaz on house arrest
I'ma go then I'ma go back, fuck that
I'ma stay on them niggaz 'til they can feel me breathin on 'em
You-you look at these fake ass niggaz
They think cause they say some fake shit in music
That the shit I be sayin ain't real
All you gotta do is ask niggaz, they'll tell you about me
They don't say 50 though, they say Boo-Boo
Uh-huh, find out, find out if I'll let it go
Man turn this shit off!