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Artist: 50 Cent
Album:  The Big 10
Song:   Wait Until Tonight
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[Intro: 50 Cent - singing]
If you think you're lonely now
Wait until tonight, girl (ahh man)
If you think you're lonely now (it's goin down tonight baby)
Wait until tonight

[50 Cent]
I'm waitin on you to cum/come baby I'm that man
Bedroom superhero, naked I'm Batman
I kill it then I'll give ya mouth-to-mouth CPR
Bring ya back to life - climax, start your afterlife
Bounce up and down on my love, this is chronic
Have it how ya want it, my backshot's bionic
She +Givin Me Somethin I Could Feel+ like En Vogue
Unload then reload, recharge, I'm back hard
Get back at it, fuckin up the springs in her Craftmatic
Jackrabbit addiction, I don't wanna break that habit
Your boy toy, man-child, it's cool you could play with me
City life, bright lights, tonight you could stay with me
I wan' share thoughts, let's talk, go for a walk (woo!)
Fantasies, we can get loose right in the park (woo!)
Bull's-eye right through her head to her heart
It's mental and physical; when you're gone I'll be missin you

[Chorus: 50 Cent]
You gon' get it, you gon' get it, I got a plan for you (I got it all planned out girl)
Girl it's on 'til the morn' when you come through (ha ha!)
I can't think of a thing now that I won't do (what you wan' do?)
When you come and I get, my hands on you (wait 'til I get you girl)

[50 Cent]
I'm Curtis Mayfield, Marvin, the new Bobby Womack
2012 freak shit, baby I'm all that
The touchin and the teasin, the pleasure's the reason
I'm sure she'll be open from the lickin and strokin
Or how I say a line that stimulates her mind
My sense of humor make her smile while passin time
It's sexual, it's not perverted or obscene
The foreplay we play until I touch her and she cream
Cash rules the shorty, she's somethin out a dream
Half J-Lo, half Jessica Biel, she in between
Got the island girl swag, she dutty wine
But when we get back to the spot, that ass is mine
See how I switch gears? Her bra gone, it's on
It's showtime, yeah it's my turn to perform
Leave the lights on, while I get it I got it good
She's sayin she love my show and I'm thinkin I knew she would