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Artist: 50 Cent f/ Kendrick Lamar, Kidd Kidd
Album:  We Up {S}
Song:   We Up (Original Version)
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[50 Cent]
Yeah, uh-huh
I'm 'round the bullshit like a matador
I'm used to the bullshit, it don't matter boy
Corporate acquisitions, accumulations of wealth
Build with the gods and double knowledge of self
Entrepreneur visions, Moulin Rouge religion
That pussy make a weak nigga break down
So what you want, the cheese or the cheeks?
You want the cheeks, she want the cheese, bitch gotta eat
I'm havin the epiphany you niggaz ain't shit to me
Worse than the scum in the slum I'm from
I'm a Southside nigga, yeah I'm 'bout mine
You'll be that next nigga coroners come outline
You ain't made of what I'm made of
You a bum nigga with a bum bitch, your shoes come from Bakers
You counterfeit fraudulent fakers
What kind of rich nigga bitch look like that?

[Chorus: 50 Cent]
You all know when we pullin off the lot
Brake, hit the button then we pullin down the top
Shine's on stuntin and I'm pullin out a knot
Strapped with the Glock, won't pull it out a lot
But front, I'll make it pop
Y'all don't do it how we do (do)
Niggaz ain't on the shit we on (we on, we on)
Everything new (new)
Spikes on the Louboutins ('boutins, 'boutins)
We up nigga~!

[Kendrick Lamar]
Visualize everything I needed and dream (uh-huh)
Penalized every hoe nigga that have a scheme (what else?)
Guns in your video gets you locked in the beam
Yeah I'll kill a nigga quick, no worries, my record clean
Murder one become manslaughter soon as they brought up
Charity work, parkin tickets and no charges
Fuck nigga, you fucked over your father
when he gave you a dick, should've been a bitch in pajamas
I made my first million fuckin dollars
Bought a Bible, aw yeah, God got me
Made my second million dollars, bought a chopper and binoculars
I'm scared, this shit don't happen to everybody
I'm on Instagram lookin at your favorite singer
Debatin on should I fuck or jump on her single
20 thou' she got a hell of a ad-lib
I'm in her mouth like I knew I can have kids


[Kidd Kidd]
Kidd Kidd..
'Round the world tourin, the city got boring
Bury me a G with a new pair of Jordans
Coupe foreign, top peeled like an orange
Blue Ferrari, so many iron horses
Livin life with no worries
My gun got a Zodiac sign, it's a Taurus
Don't make it slam on you like Amar'e
M-Zone, Rida Gang, end of story
Oops, that's your baby, my bad I'm sorry
She call me daddy too, we should be on Maury
Everything you aren't, fly nigga soarin
Purple Label, Ralph Lauren, kick game like Atari
You so special, bedroom or restroom
Just keep performin
Go girl, I'm 'bout to film a movie
and guess who is starrin? (Ahh~!)


[50 Cent]
Good pussy for dinner, b-bomb kush for breakfast...
D-d-deep-colored VS stones around my neck bitch...
F-feels like a nigga dreamin...
F-feels like a nigga dreamin...