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Artist: 50 Cent
Album:  Southpaw Soundtrack
Song:   Drama Never Ends
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[Chorus: 50 Cent]
I get that gun, you know that blow and baking soda be the recipe
Fo' sho' I make that 40-cali' blow, you get the best of me
The drama's gonna never end, never end
Keep thinkin I'm playin
I know for sure I'll split your motherfuckin head, you get to testin me
You call the cops and I get knocked, I swear to the death of me
The drama's gonna never end, never end
Keep thinkin I'm playin

[50 Cent]
It's hard, yeah it's hard, this that New York shit
That black glove, wood grip, outline 'em in chalk shit
I don't wanna talk, say a prayer for my enemies
Drop-top, ten shots, I'll make your ass a memory
Time to ride, homicide, I'm down with it
I'll wave that chopper, hit your whip and shake the ground with it
Fuck with N-dot Bonaparte, get your ass blown apart
Hip-Hop's Napoleon, you know war, you know me then
I'll hunt you like a Great Dane
Hit you, hit you like a freight train, run off with your fake chain
I'll give you motherfuckers somethin to believe in
Knife work your lungs, I'll make it hard to breathe in
Little shit could be a big enough reason
You're dancin with the wolves fool, better feed them
I feel for you, you ain't ready for the outcome
Nigga I'll get at you all week with the same gun


[50 Cent]
Me I punch e'ry nigga first I had a fight with
Maybe it's genetics, momma made me like this
Cocaine baby, problem child, half crazy
+Children of the Corn+; I've been warned so long
Big strap for robberies with my little 3-80
I'll make your little lady, miscarry a baby
You leave the scene unseen when I get to trippin
Pistol-whip your head hard enough to blur your vision
What up comrade? Salute, I pull rank, I got bank
Just fucked up work, ask him if we'll use shanks
Every clique I'm in, my clique nigga, I run shit
I put in my own work, run, get who you gon' get
This is how it feels when you squeeze a Smith & Wesson
When talk is not an option it's a form of expression
You got to go to work on a nigga
The red shit comin through the shirt on a nigga
My gift to a break deal