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Artist: 50 Cent
Album:  I'm On It 12"
Song:   I'm On It
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[Chorus: 50 Cent]
I'm on it, I-I, I'm on it
I blow a hundred mil' then make another hundred mil', BITCH~!
I'm on it, I-I, I'm on it
I hustle hard, oh my God, look at me I'm so rich
I'm on it, I-I, I'm on it
My swag on a hun'ned, yeah that fly shit I want it QUICK~!
I'm on it, I-I, I'm on it
I'm always on point, man I make niggaz so sick

[50 Cent]
I'm chin-chillin, Cristal spillin
Hip-Hop's villain cause I'm makin a killin
Niggaz wan' try me, I'm strapped with the llamy
If Jay's Illuminati, what am I? Am I Bugatti?
La-di-da-di, we like to party
Be 4 in the mornin, go outside and catch a body
I ball full-time nigga, this is not a hobby
If you don't know about me better ask somebody
Yeah! I'm grimy, my wrist so shiny
My Audemar, I blew a mil', I'm back to makin money
My swag make her want me, why else would she be on me?
I mean she hardly know me, I think she wants to blow me
Lick me like a lolly, l-l-lick me like a lolly
Her ass ain't all that, but her tits like Dolly's
G-give me that punani, g-g-give me that punani
Now pussy's motivation, make me want more money


[50 Cent]
I got it, black card in my wallet
Find me on locations where model bitches are spotted
Fly shit I rock it, Tom Ford, exotic
Bitches on my dick now that I moved up out the projects
O-one for the money, t-two for the show
I'm ghetto like a motherfucker, what you didn't know?
Th-three's for my niggaz gettin 800 a O
K-kush burn slow, I bur-burn dough
And sip Merlot like I'm on furlough
Fr-fresh up out the pen; I'm back at it again
Th-thumpin like the system in my new big body Benz
Look I'm a fact yo, my n-n-neck glow
The lights hit the ice, it's a special effects show
Twinkle twinkle little star, no one here knows who you are
Me I'm so big, notorious, ya dig?
The paper's no problem when ya fuckin with the kid, ay~!