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Artist: 50 Cent
Album:  Get Rich or Die Tryin'
Song:   Gotta Make it to Heaven
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I gotta make it to heaven, fuck going through hell
Gotta make it to heaven, gotta make it to heaven
I gotta make it to heaven, fuck going through hell
Gotta make it to heaven I hope I make it to heaven

Some say I'm paranoid I say I'm careful how I choose my friends
I been to ICU once, I ain't going again
First D got murked, then Roy got murked
And homey still in the hood, why he ain't getting hurt

I smell somethin' fishy man it might be a rat
Damn niggas switchin sides on niggas just like that
You know me, I stay wit a bitch on her knees and give guns away in the hood
like its government cheese

Spray off Suzuki's eleven hundred cc's
No plate on the back, straight squeezing the Mac
In the hood they identify niggas by they cars
So I switch up whips to stay off the radar

I ain't gotta be around to make shit hot
I send Yayo to dump 30 shots on ya block
So spray dat Tec nigga if I say get it done
An make it wet niggas if you round me son

2 x (chorus)

When I come through the hood, I don't stop to rap ta niggas
Get close enough to smack you then clap you nigga
Pac tried to front so I waved the chrome at his ass
Point blank range I spat and threw a bone at his ass

Two weeks later niggas came through with Mac's to lay me down
They sprayed I played Dead and got the fuck off the ground
Out the blue I get a phone call “50 waddup”
they sent a bitch at me I sent the bitch back cut up

I don't play that pussy shit, I done told you boy
Front on me, you gon meet one of my soldiers boy
Cousin twin shot up his mamma crib now he in Jail
Trippin on Fliks of Blu Cantrell pussy in black tail

Pac mamma moved, but she don't talk to him no more
The shells from twin 4-4's, blew the hinge off her do'
Without that check every month how she gon pay for the crib
Man social service finna come an take dem kids

2 x (chorus)

Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
the courage to change the things I can
the wisdom to know the difference
In AA they make you say that
that's the prayer they burn in your head when you a case act

Man I might talk to you while we up in them pens
but when we come home that don't mean we goin' fuckin' be friends
Shells scratch ya head close enough to hear 'em whistling
Thank god they missed you, an go grab ya pistol

In the hood niggas runnin' round actin' crazy
Buying little air Jordans for maybe babies
See it might be his, and it might be yours
Cause them broads in the projects is straight up whores
Man it don't take much for you to get in them draws
You can have 'em on they back or on all fours

You ain't got to tell me, you feelin' this shit
cause I hear what I'm sayin' I know I'm killin' this shit