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Artist: 50 Cent
Album:  Before I Self Destruct
Song:   Get Up
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Man I finna do my thang (get up!)
It's crazy in the club when I'm in there mayne (get up!)
Trust me homie I'm not playin (get up!)
I have the dance floor off the chain, I said (get up!)
I came to bring you that California love
And a little New York hate, it's all of the above
I'm not playin, I'm sayin I'm off the chain
You niggas better follow instructions, I said (get up!)

[Verse 1]
I bought two all fours, stunt till I drive
'Em off the showroom floor, not the used car lot
You buy a bottle, I buy the bar
I make every other week feel like Mardi Gras
When I get into it, I get into it
Everybody can't do it the way I do it
I make it rain, till the sun come out
A nigga playin, we make the guns come out
Now, my question is who they gon' blame
When I'm back number one on the Billboard again?
Shit shift now, the game done changed
Since Mike made Thriller and Prince made Purple Rain
I guess I made the kids want slang
And N.W.A. made the West Coast bang
Nah, it's just music man, it's just music
Now get your ass on the dance floor and move it

I have the savoir-faire
I'm the reason everybody here, I say (get up!)
I make it hot, I make it hot in here
Your feet hurtin? I really don't care, I said (get up!)
I wanna see, I, I wanna see ya move
And get all into the groove, I say (get up!)
I'm gettin money man, I really don't care
Let me see you put your ass in the air, I said (get up!)

[Verse 2]
Yeah lady, you look good, I wanna get to know you better
You look good in them jeans and them red stilettos
You got a Bentley Coupe booty baby, I wanna drive
See it'll tell you what your mileage is when I'm inside
I wanna take you for a spin, you know, round and round
Switch gears till you won't come down
I take you to the point of no return, if you listen you learn
Just how a nigga earn, I got money to burn
While they can't get a place, she drop the bomb on me
It's up and down and up and down gracefully
Rick James would've said She a Brick House
But Fifty you should go home and see what that bitch bout
I find out she like it how I like it, huh
Back it up, get ya some, I know how to get ya sprung
Tune ya up and use the tongue, under the hood is so good
She said it so good, goddamn I'm so hood, nigga what up?


And get into it
You're now rockin with the Unit, I say (get up!)
And get into it
We gon' show you just how we do it, I said (get up!)
Still Shady Aftermath, I said (get up!)
Still Shady Aftermath