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Artist: 50 Cent f/ Guordan Banks
Album:  Animal Ambition
Song:   Winners Circle
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[Chorus: Guordan Banks]
Are you ready to win?
Come join the winners circle
Put up your hands for me baby (put up your hands)
And do it like we're supposed to (do it like we're supposed to)
Oooh, cause we're gonna win

[50 Cent]
Fuck with the winners baby
Come put 'em up
Yeah, yeah, uhh

Consider this the theme song for victory
The shit you say to yourself when you make history
I'm tryin to make it feel like the first time
Like a junkie I'm sort of chasin my first high
I'm focused, I'm disciplined, I'm ready
Mentally on point, sharp as a machete
Hard work, I work hard, I get the job done
It's only one number 1, nigga I'm number 1
I'm confident, you can call it vain or conceited
Cars, clothes, I need it
Condos, condoms and bad bitches to be with, run with a winner baby
Be unconventional, freak me off with your friends maybe
You could be my, girl be my
... fair-weather friend
Or you could, be my, yeah, yeah be my
... friend to the end

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

[50 Cent]
I got that disease ambition, success is the cure
They wanna win, I gotta win, I sell the shit pure
I got dopeboy bonds, Einstein brains
The heart of a nigga homicidal on a chain gang
I want yachts and drops, I got spots to watch
I wan' see what life is like from the mountain top
Who says sky's the limit? I'm +Limitless+, I just took the pill
Why you think a nigga slow flow's so ill?
Be careful, the shit I got's highly contagious
We hustle 'til it had us all locked up in cages
Time gon' fly when niggaz been biddin for ages
War stories and wounds, back and forth, niggaz been tradin
For the root of all evil, Lord said it's for Satan
We from the bottom, desperation cause moves that we makin
I guess it's all risk versus rewards
Y'all niggaz risk it all for the broads
What's up?

[Chorus] - 2X w/ ad libs