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Artist: 50 Cent f/ Mr. Probz
Album:  Animal Ambition
Song:   Twisted
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[Intro: Mr. Probz] + (50)
Here's a little info, you should know (it's 50)
You don't know what you're in for (c'mon, c'mon)
We get the

[Chorus: Mr. Probz] + (50)
Party rockin, bottle poppin
Tonight we gon' turn up 'til we, twisted
Yeahhhhhh (yeah yeah yeah, yeah)
System thumpin, the club is jumpin
Tonight we gon' turn up 'til we, twisted
Yeahhhhhh (yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah)

[50 Cent]
Let's toast to success then take it a lil' higher
May tomorrow bring you everything your heart desires
Let your drivin ambition (uhh) offer you new visions (yeah)
May yo' gut instincts help you make good decisions (c'mon)
This is more than champagne, this is more than just a glass
This a symbol of accomplishment we rarely ever have (ha ha)
Let's enjoy tonight like tonight's our last
We can focus on the future and reflect on the past (woooo!)
We done came so far, I mean look where we are
If they don't call us by our name they call us entrepreneurs
From the block to the board room, the hood to the high life
Skyscraper paper baby, life in the limelight
Want the best of the best, the top of the top
I mean the baddest bitches, you know, the cream of the crop
We gotta hustle and have it, we better than average
More like the elite; my nigga we gotta eat, c'mon

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

[50 Cent]
What was once a strike against us has become an advantage
Cause we grind when we at it like we stone-cold addicts
That mastermind, the mental is oh so essential (uhh)
Product of the environment (uhh) they ain't been where we been through (yeah)
I'm fond of the phrase "If there's a will there's a way"
Cause we come from the parts where only killers could play
Southside... it's alright
The ghetto's my Alma Mater, huh? It's alright (OOOH!)
We could keep the party jumpin like this all night
The bottles, just keep 'em comin baby, let's get right
"Let's Get It On"... play a lil' Marvin
It's gettin hot in here, homie this could be a problem
Keni Burke style, let's keep +Risin' to the Top+ (uh)
Let's do it, do it big, now let a fuckin hater watch
Oh yeah, this is perfect, this a moment to remember
As we proceed on our money-gettin agendas (hello~!)

[Chorus] w/ ad libs