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Artist: 50 Cent f/ Kidd Kidd
Album:  Animal Ambition
Song:   Everytime I Come Around
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[Intro: 50 Cent]
Yeah, ha ha ha ha ha ha
N.Y. N.Y., 'til I D-I (uhh)
N.Y. N.Y., 'til I D-I

[Chorus: 50 Cent singing]
I'm on it - every time I come around, me I keep my gun around
It's never on safety (safety)
I'm on it - niggaz know when I'm around, fuck around it's goin down
No ifs or maybes (maybes)
Okay - ring around the rosey, pocket full of O-Z's
Niggaz gettin cake mayne (cake mayne)
Yeah, okay - boy you fuck with the homies, while I got it on me
You'll get your bed break mayne (break mayne)

[50 Cent]
You niggaz ain't seen shit yet, one false move and I'll click-clack
That ooh-wop bitch I spit that, that hard white, I flip that
That bad bitch get my dick wet, damn how hot can my shit get?
Boy get outta line get your ass checked, got ten mil' my last check
Bitch'll stay where that cash at, diamonds on me I flash that
That 'rari pedal I mash that, you pussy niggaz I laugh at
That fuck shit that you fuck niggaz be doin, man I'm pass that
Hood nigga down there on Wall Street, my stock run across NASDAQ
Girl facin my time piece, ridin 'round with my grimies
These Brooklyn niggaz so grimy - I let 'em hold the steel, I tell 'em shoot to kill
I put Southside on my back, I ain't talkin 'about no Tec
When I'm outta town I hold it down, I mean e'rywhere I'm at


[Kidd Kidd]
Kidd Kidd, uhh
All my niggaz crazy, stupid, cuckoo, got a loose screw
I might pyoon-pyoon with that tool-tool, them small bullets swim all through you
My bitch come from Honolulu with that dope all in her doo-doo
Put it on a train and choo-choo and the Feds don't have a +Blue's clue+
Slummin over, don't know voodoo but I sure know how to shoot-shoot
If I get caught I don't boo-hoo, I pick up the phone call Boo-Boo
He gon' bail me out in seconds, please don't let this rap shit fool you
I send shooters to your home, see I don't need no songs to move you
My gorillas goin ooh-ooh, all your family could lose you
Put you in a box like new shoes, you's a bitch, pull down your tutu
Any corner gettin money, all I know is we need buku
Speakin on me and my Rida Gang, know what we gon' do to you?