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Artist: 50 Cent f/ Brevi
Album:  5 (Murder by Numbers)
Song:   Be My Bitch
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[50 Cent]
Shawty said she's straight
I can't wait 'til tonight, we'll turn her out babe
Take her to a different world
Get her baby girl

[Brevi] + (50)
I'ma pick you up at 8
You can call it a first date (get her baby)
You gon' have some drinks on me
It's my treat, ya ain't gotta pay

[50 Cent]
Ha ha! Take her ass downtown
In my Bentley drop-top, show her all around
Later when you get back you can show her how we live
Bet she take it off soon as she step foot in the crib

[Chorus: Brevi] + (50)
You so sweet, come see me
I'ma give you what you need
You can be my bitch (you can be her bitch)
You can be my bitch, you can be my bitch
I'ma take you to my spot, jump on top
I'ma give you everything I got
You can be my bitch (you can be her bitch)
You can be my bitch, you can be my bitch

[50 Cent]
My girl got a girlfriend, I call her her play thang
Why would I complain? She's everything to me mayne
We match together perfect, isn't this amazing?
... Isn't this amazing?
Back massage, ménage, get turned on, I'm hard
Great sex, latex, I'm playin my part
Penitration, oral fixation, no camera tapin
We makin the headboard shakin until it's damn near breakin
Now I can tell you from the get-go, so you know how this shit go
This thing I got with my bitch is so ill I mean it's mental
I'm 'bout to break it down on all the freaky shit we into
If you're not into her you're into me and we'll still get you

Right when we get to the crib (crib, crib)
Step right in (in, in)
Boy you know what this is (is, is)
You could be my bitch, bitch, bitch (hahaha, yeah, bitch)


[50 Cent]
Bitch, I'm headin out of state
Got a jet waitin on the runway, baby
I'll be gone for a while
I'm leaving you in charge now, ha ha
If shawty wan' play
At anytime when I'm away it ain't okay
But when I get back you know just how it's goin down
We'll be back up in this bitch passin her around

You don't want me to just play my role
You want me to come take controooool
Oh-ohh-ohhhhhh, ay, ay
You don't want me to move in too slow
You just wanna see me run this show
Let's go, let's go, let's go

[Chorus] - 2X w/ Brevi ad libs

[Outro: Brevi] + (50)
Once we get to the crib, you know what this is
You gon' be my bitch! (She love me man)
Yes that's true, yes that's you
Bitch (ha ha ha, she crazy~!)